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I provide various counseling strategies that are determined by the subject matter presented and the person you are.

ItzurMind - About

You are in my view the master of your own mind and of yourself. Challenges eventually emerge in our lives at times and those challenges that seem insurmountable. Many people may disregard these problems or dismiss them as "just life" while others may seek professional support. This is to be applauded the gesture of finding support, when all too many in our patriarchal society actually suffer in silence, with the resultant frustration with life. Choosing to seek support takes bravery and determination, as doing so is often seen as a sign of weakness, or entangled in stigma. Some even fear the expense of this undertaking. Health care insurance firms, and sometimes government health care agencies, show no interest in helping those in need of such assistance. A little study can show the severity of epidemic levels of social alienation, depression, chronic anxiety and other mental health issues. Mental wellbeing is still not seen in the same light as physical health. It remains a mystery, is ignored or completely dismissed as "a part of life."


  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Groupwork
  • Mind-Body Medicine

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