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Ivan Pizarro

Ivan Pizarro

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Rehabilitation, pain and injury management or just relaxation and balance

Deep tissue, Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy also Energy Healing by Ivan Pizarro

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Rehabilitation Tension Chronic pain Muscle tension Focus Stress

During my many years of experience, I have been able to verify that not all massage methods and alternative therapies work for all people, it is important to try some of them before giving up on alternative therapies.

For some it is easier to work with their physical part and in others a more energetic part, although in most of the time the combination of some of these methods gives us more precise and faster results, let's talk a little about the massage methods with which I feel more comfortable since I have studied and applied them for many years.

Remedial massage is the combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, its main objective is to increase the circulation of the affected muscles and around them to increase the flow of oxygen in the body and thus achieve a relaxation of the musculo-skeletal system, helping to relieve body aches and pains.

Traditional Thai massage is a combination of pressure from the reflex points and lines of energy on the body and assisted stretching exercises (yoga positions) to achieve relaxation of the body.

Sport massage is a form of remedial massage but a little deeper and more localized in the muscles that affect a particular activity.

Shiatsu: similar to Thai massage although the pressure points are more focused on the energy lines of each of the body's organs.

Lymphatic drainage is a form of gentle massage to move toxins from the body towards the valves of the lymphatic system, by pumping them to release the toxins for faster elimination through the lungs and kidneys, sometimes through the pores as well.

Aromatherapy is a combination of essential oils and the application of them for a particular treatment or for a balance in our physical and energetic health. There are different ways to apply them either through the skin (massage or creams and products) or through absorption through the nose (inhalation through aerosol diffusers).

Energy healing is a process through which I work with the intention, affirmation, laying on of hands and / or energy tools such as crystals, sounds (bells, bowls, music), dowsing (pendulum), flower essences.


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$100 $80 Per hour
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Let the wondrous fragrances and theraputic effects of essential oils calm, revitalise and relax your senses; ensuring an increase in your psychological and physical well-being. Offered as a complementary therapy or as a form of alternative medicine.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing
$100 Per hour

using a combination of crystals, bell sounds, incense, and other techniques to clear blockages in your energy field to heal subconscious issues.


  • Diploma In Remedial Massage
  • Certificate IV In Bodywork Therapies
  • Certificate In Traditional Thai Massage (Thailand)
  • Diploma In Aromatherapy

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