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Ivanhoe Health Store

Peter Gibson

96 Upper Heidelberg Rd
Ivanhoe VIC 3079

Servicing area: Ivanhoe, Victoria

Ivanhoe Health Store
YOUR ONE STOP SHOP TO ACHEIVE OPTIMAL HEALTH through diet, lifestyle and specific nutrition - We'll show you how!

Health Store and Naturopath with over ten years experience all in one!

We assist with arthritis, weight loss, detox, PMS, menopause, anti-ageing, back problems, chemotherapy nutritional support, colds and flu, stress, fatigue,

We treat babies, children and adults.

Please feel welcome to come and chat with our qualified staff.

Ivanhoe Health Store


WE GET TO THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM - Our naturopathic consultants endeavour to define the undelying cause of the problem to alleviate your symptoms. We do this through simple non invasive techniques using iridology, hair analysis and / or saliva testing.

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