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Izumi Japanese Massage

Izumi Japanese Massage

Level 1
115 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Servicing area: Melbourne CBD

Izumi Japanese Massage

Reach Higher Levels of Tranquility and Relaxation:

Find out how we deliver exceptional ways you can alleviate stress to re-energise your overall well-being

About Izumi Japanese Massage

Why Your Well-Being is a Matter of Balance

We at Izumi Japanese Massage achieving greater well-being means that the body, mind, and soul are balanced. We believe that our souls cannot be nourished without peace of mind and that our minds cannot be nurtured when our bodies are entangled in stress and anxiety.

Thus, we have created a safe and relaxing environment that fosters balance through a wide range of spa treatments. Delivered by experienced Japanese massage therapists, treatments are designed to help revitalise you and bring balance back to your mind, body, and soul.

What Makes The Izumi Experience Different?

Alleviate tension and stress both physically and mentally through a suite of expertly crafted methods and special packages designed to maximise your experience with us. Our professional massage therapists will provide you with what we strongly believe to be the best massage and Japanese spa treatment services in Melbourne.

Feel tranquility and comfort right when you step inside our space as you come upon our cozy hospitality section and miniature botanical garden in our waiting area. This space was designed specifically to help evoke feelings of comfort and safety and a connection to nature.

Experience a space where inner peace can grow and prosper as you shed stress and fatigue. Made to feel like home every time you walk through our doorways, revel in a space that nurtures rest and recovery and an environment where you can sense a truly relaxing atmosphere.

A Tranquil Haven for One, Two, or Many

Come on your own to escape for your lunch break, unwind from a long day at work, or take some time off from family. Spend anywhere from one to a few hours being massaged from head to toe and leave with your energy replenished. We have affordable massage services as well as spa and well treatments to suit your budget and schedule.

Bring your significant other or friend to experience a soothing full-body massage. You can avail of packages that are perfect for a romantic spa getaway or as a gift to spoil a beloved friend. We can create customised experiences whether be it for someone who needs a well-deserved break or recovery or for someone you want to feel truly loved and appreciated.

Take workmates, a group of friends, or even your entire family to experience our revitalising services. You can avail of our corporate spa treatment packages to help your team reduce stress and boost morale. Have your best buddies tag along so you can go through a truly reinvigorating experience together. Get your family to have an unforgettable day at the spa. You are all welcome here at Izumi.

Make an enquiry to schedule an appointment now so you can start achieving greater well-being.

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