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Sonia Garcia Ayala

Jacaranda Massage & Holistic Care

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Jacaranda Massage & Holistic Care

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I am Sonia and I am from Spain. I moved to Australia almost 5 years ago when the financial crisis hit Spain and my husband lost his job. He is from Perth but he lived in Spain for 12 years.

In my life I did many kind of jobs such as cleaning, waiter, chef, interpreter, operator at the emergency number, social trainer and others.

I started my career as a massage therapist about 9 years ago. At that time I had a really hard period in my life and I was receiving help from a very good psychologist who introduced me to meditation in order to manage my depression.

Once I accepted and learnt to digest what was going on, I started to be very interested in alternative therapies . I began studying psychology at the university but I couldn’t continue as it was too hard for me with two teenagers and working full time. Since then, I have done different courses In Spain and Australia. I learnt a variety of therapeutic massages such as Metamorphic massage, remedial massage and reflexology . I did my first and second level of Reiki in Spain and became a Reiki Master here in Australia. I did a variety of courses related with physical and mental health. I just finished my diploma in Sound Healing Therapy in Perth and continue to study certificate 3 in disabilities.

At the beginning I was offering the therapies that I learnt to friends and family. Very soon the number of clients increased and I did it professionally as a second job.

When we moved to Australia I offered the therapies at home in Perth. After that my husband found a job in Geraldton and we moved here. I decided to work full time doing what I really liked.

It was hard at the beginning as no one knew me in Geraldton. I worked for almost one year without salary. But I persisted as every new client in turn brought a new one. Mouth by mouth takes time but it is the best publicity you can have.

Massages and Alternative Therapies

Very relaxing massage, good for any kind of pain.
​Duration: 75 mins
​Price: $90

Spanish technique designed to help in the prevention and healing of any kind of ailment.
Duration: 90 mins
​Price: $120

Duration: 60 mins
​Price: $80

For specific problem areas.
Duration: 45 mins
​Price: $70

A gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body.
​Duration: 45 mins
​Price: $60​

Ear candling has been used for centuries to create a sense of well-being.
​Duration: 25 mins
Price: $45

​Deep Muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle to disentangle the fibres of the muscles and release toxins and deeply held tension points.
Duration: 45 mins
​Price: $70

Japanase Healing Technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, activating the body's natural healing process and restoring physical and emotional well-being.
Duration: 60 mins
​Price: $55
(on Sundays by donation at the platform market)​

This very simple technique consists of soft touching on feet, hands and head. It helps to remove tension and resolve emotional blockages.
​Duration: 75 mins
​Price: $80

A gentle and effective therapy using the sound vibration frequencies from a traditional Japanese Ring Singing Bowl, applied directly to the body. Good for physical pain and relaxation of the body & mind.
Targeted (for specific areas)
20 min: $35
30 min: $45
45 min: $60
Full body Sound Vibration Massage
60 min: $80

A powerful experience involving crystal singing bowls, sound healing pipes, gong, didgeridoo and other healing instruments which create a “Magical Concert”.
(Maximum 10 People per session)
Duration: 90 mins
Price: $60 each
(Discount available in "Offers & Discounts" below)
​ Every month on Saturday 3:30pm-5:00pm (please refer to calendar)
​Different times are available by appointment

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