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Jackie's Sports Massage Therapy

We focus on your body and therefore give you the highest quality of sports and rehabilitation services you’ll ever find in Sydney.

Sports & Remedial Massage

What is Sports and Remedial Massage? 

Remedial massage is a massage that looks for tight muscles and, once your therapists have been identified, it is the intention to massage the problem area with the maximum capacity to ensure muscle relaxation.

Sports Massage is also remedial and means a strengthening of the tissue / firmness of your massage if needed.

Sport massage therapists are more conscious of muscle injuries and also work closely with related physiotherapeutics, osteopaths and chiropractic practitioners. 

What to expect on your first visit and our kind of approach? 

Muscle pain or irritation is the first indication that you need a remedial / sports massage - this stress will lead to pain if ignored.

When you force this pain through, you can end up with severe chronic damage, like bone, joint injury, chronic headaches or failure to turn the head, nerve pain and shoulder, knee and hip replacements.

We're going to evaluate your body and prepare a treatment plan for you. Each visit contains session notes so we can document your recovery and track what works best to release your body.

Remedial Massage Benefits 

  • Stress relief
  • Increased circulation 
  • Pain relief
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Enhanced muscle recovery after exercise 
  • Injury prevention 

How many times should a massage be performed?

At least once a month, if you want to keep a healthy muscle system free of pain. 

Is exercise possible after Sports Massage? 

Ideally 24-hour rest is ideal, but we know all the schedules are full of glitches, and it doesn't always work. We have found that a good night's rest is sufficient to ensure that you get all the benefits of your recent sports massage.

Request a booking and let’s get your body to work.

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