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Jackie's Sports Massage Therapy

Jackie Schmidt

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Jackie's Sports Massage Therapy

A great way to take care of the expectant moms and their babies is to have them pampered and this one is perfect for you.

Relaxing Massage for Pregnant Women

What is Pregnancy Massage? 

We're so glad to offer our pregnant mothers a remedial and sports massage, because we know how hard pregnancy can be on the body, and how important it is for mums and their babies to relieve pain and relax.

We have pregnancy massage tables with a convenient hole in the centre, so that our pregnant women can sit back and enjoy an excellent massage that helps with tightness or discomfort in the pregnancy.

What to expect on your first visit and our kind of approach? 

When our customers always lie face to face, the very common answer during childbirth is how comfortable they already feel when they lie on their stomachs comfortably. This position allows our Jackie's Sports Massage Therapists to apply average pressure to firm pressures, which helps loosen tight muscles.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits 

  • Improve circulation 
  • Helps with sleep 
  • Prepare your body for breastfeeding 
  • Ease lower back pain 
  • Decreases fluid retention 

How many times should a pregnancy massage be performed?

Our pregnant customers return weekly when they know how incredible their bodies can feel after an adequate pregnancy massage. This sense of pain relief and rest is beneficial not only to the mother but to the growing baby in which the mother is feeling relaxed.

Can a Pregnancy Massage be performed in the First Trimester? 

Massage therapy, including the first trimester, is healthy and extremely effective during childbirth.

Book now and enjoy the best massage you’ll ever encounter before you give birth.

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