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Reconnective Healing® is a wonderful, sometimes life-changing experience, utilising universal frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Jacques Daher

Reconnective Healing®
The Reconnection®

Reconnective Healing® is wonderful, sometimes life-changing experience, utilising universal frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind and spirit.
Reconnective Healing® is different to Reiki, in that it uses frequencies rather than energy. It is non-invasive (no touching necessary) and the hands of the practitioner do not have to be close to the body of the person receiving the healing.
The frequencies are initiated at the start of your session, and continue working with you long after your visit has ended.
The healing may come in a form you anticipate, or may come in a vastly different form, not anticipated.
The immediate effects of the healing session can range from feeling nothing to feeling a little dizzy or cold. These effects usually only last 10-15 minutes but can last a little longer.

The Reconnection® reconnects the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies, to the grid lines that encircle the planet, tying us into the entire universe.
The Reconnection® is different to Reconnective Healing® in that the frequency is directed to over 90 very specific areas to reactivate the meridians in the body and reconnect to the universe.

Please Note: While not required, it is suggested that you experience 1 to 3 Reconnective Healing® sessions prior to receiving your personal Reconnection

Session Information:

During the session you will be resting face up (shoes off) on a padded table.
Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes appropriate to the season.

Scents: Avoid perfume and the use of scented soaps, hair and/or skin care before your sessions. Sessions should be as fragrance free as possible. The reason for this is that sometimes, people experience various smells during the healing and any scents present on the body may interfere with this experience.

Jewellery: All jewellery is fine as long as it is comfortable to wear during the session.

State of Mind: During the session, you will be asked to close your eyes and “let go.” It is best to be in a state of expectancy during the session to allow whatever is supposed to happen. It is not recommended that you pray, meditate or attach to any specific outcome. Simply be receptive to the experience, knowing you are participating in a positive and exciting process brought to you from God/Love/Universe, and intended to give you exactly what you may need at the time.

During the session: Some of the more common sensations experienced are:
  • Heat
  • Involuntary movements
  • Pressure on various parts of the body
  • Colours
  • Smells
  • Some people report seeing other people in the room or hear someone enter the room
  • A sense of peace and calm

Time and cost:

Reconnective Healing® sessions typically last 30-40 minutes and from one to a maximum of three sessions are normally recommended. Sessions must be no more than one week apart. The cost is $80.00 per session.

The Reconnection® is always facilitated in two sessions, ideally on consecutive days but not more than 2 days apart. The total cost of The Reconnection® is $333.00.

Qualification details

Training with Dr. Eric Pearl
Levels I and II - Reconnective Healing®
Level III - The Reconnection®

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