Jacqui Berry Naturopath - Moruya Natural Therapies and Australia wide via Skype.

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Servicing area: Moruya & South Coast NSW & Australia wide via Zoom or Phone

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Womens health, fertility, mental health


and complex health conditions


An experienced practitioner 


to support you with thorough investigation,
proven & effective natural health solutions, & personally tailored education.


You can Be Well & Stay Well.


    • 17 years Clinical Experience


    • Co-presents professional course in Advanced Practice in Fertility


    • 10 year lecturer Southern School of Natural Therapies


    • Former president of the Victorian Herbalists Association


Expert care to help you to achieve and maintain the best health results available to you.


Jacqui is an experienced naturopath with over 17 year’s clinical experience, as well a significant contributor to the natural health industry.


Clinically, she is particularly interested in supporting reproductive health, fertility, and pregnancy health, and helping women become in control of their bodies and reproductive health.


Through working with women at all stages of their body’s changes, such as teenagers entering puberty, women in fertile years and those experiencing menopause, Jacqui finds the link between a women’s cycles and their health.


She is instinctive and adept at finding a balance within the body which can positively impact a range of health conditions as well as fertility and cycles, including gut, acne, mood, energy levels and many more.


To this end, Jacqui has particular interest in mental health and fatigue, as well as extensive clinical experience in conditions such as auto-immunity, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular health and skin disorders, and actively collaborates with medical and other health care providers for best patient care.


Amy - 22 yrs
"Having to live with endometriosis for years and dealing with the monthly pain, I am so grateful for the care I have received from Jacqui. Not only has she provided me pain relief, she has massively improved my quality of life. Thank you Jacqui"

Jacqui Berry Naturopath - Moruya Natural Therapies and Australia wide via Skype.

You can expect effective results such as:









Jacqui specialises in

prescribing therapeutically potent herbal and natural medicines, and offers advice on your daily activities and the food that you eat, while remaining sensitive to your lifestyle. The approach to prescription and advice, is to combine evidence based health solutions with common sense and sustainable techniques.

Jacqui can help you to achieve and maintain the best health results available to you. To ensure the very best patient care, Jacqui actively communicates with medical and other health care professionals. As well as medical forms of diagnosis, Jacqui has great passion a is adept at traditional forms of diagnosis, often utilizing a study of the Iris, also known as Iridology. By combining the best of scientific evidence and traditional health care, Jacqui can ensure the highest grade of efficacy with regard to diagnosis and treatment.

The Naturopathic consultation

begins with a detailed assessment of your health status and medical history. The aim is to treat the symptoms of your problem thoroughly and effectively whilst assessing and managing the aspects of your general health that may be contributing to the problem.

A specific treatment plan can increase your energy and vitality so that you not only achieve symptom relief, but feel great and have the tools to maintain good health.

Jacqui has extensive experience

in treating a wide range of complaints for all ages, such as:

    • Mental health
      Fatigue, lethargy, stress, nervous tension, anxiety, depression


    • Women's health
      Painful periods, fertility issues, pre-post natal care, menopause. Holding a 'Certificate of Natural Fertility Education', Jacqui has a special interest in fertility education. Supporting you to optimise your pre-natal health, promote a healthy pregnancy term and support your future childrens' health potential.


    • Weight loss
      Now is a great time for weight loss! A fast and effective program for rapid, long lasting and healthy weight loss without fatigue and hunger.


    • Digestive health
      Indigestion, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome


    • Respiratory health
      Spring allergies, asthma, sinusitis


    • Skin health
      Eczema, rashes, psoriasis


    • Muscular/Skeletal health
      Arthritis, sciatica and muscular pain


    • Common and Complex health conditions High blood pressure, urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue, thyroid conditons, headaches, general lethargy and weight control


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Some examples of topics are below:







Advanced Practice in Natural Fertility Education

Implementing fertility and wellbeing education into your practice to optimise conception and pregnancy health

Certificate of Attendance stating that you have attended 10 hours of professional development will be awarded on completion of this workshop.

Following on from the Course in the Foundations of Natural Fertility Education, this interactive workshop offers graduates and students of health science courses the opportunity to continue practice-based discussions about optimising conception and pregnancy health for patients. It will cover:

    • A review of preconception care


    • How lifestyle impacts the chance of conception and pregnancy health


    • The facts and the evidence you can rely upon


    • The cumulative probability of pregnancy for individual couples


    • Developing lifestyle plans and goals with your patients


    • Information across a number of different health disciplines


The focus will be the six most common modifiable lifestyle risk factors for optimising conception and pregnancy health including:

    • Cigarette smoking


    • Alcohol consumption


    • Underweight, overweight and obesity


    • Physical exercise


    • Environmental Toxins


    • Stress


All information presented in this workshop is independent of commercial interest, and will be Australian-based where possible. Case studies will be presented, and participants are invited to bring difficult or interesting case studies from their practice to share with the group.

Dates: 2018 dates to be announced
Times: 9.00 - 4.30
Where: Nurses Memorial Centre
Suite 11 - 431 St Kilda Road
Melbourne Victoria 3004

Cost:$475.00 ($455.00 students & 1st year graduates)

Both graduates and students of all health science courses (mainstream and complimentary) with an interest in fertility and wellbeing are invited to attend this workshop. We look forward to welcoming all to this important professional development event.

There is a limit of 20 places in this workshop. Refreshments will be provided. A number of eateries are close by to choose from during the lunch break.

Please direct enquiries to kerryhampton@iprimus.com.au

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Jacqui Berry Naturopath: Womens health, fertility, mental health and complex health conditions

Jacqui Berry Naturopath - Moruya Natural Therapies and Australia wide via Skype.