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Jacqui Howson Naturopathy Clinic

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The Naturopathic approach to healing.....

Jacqui Howson Naturopathy Clinic


Understanding & healing the cause/s of a patient's symptoms & addressing the whole person is the primary goal of a naturopath.

Knowing what factors have been at play... physical, mental, emotional, environmental, genetic etc, ….that have come together to contribute to how u now feel, is important to know, in order to heal.

Understanding your individual situation, & tailoring the support accordingly, is the best way forward to bring all back into balance. Each & every patient who enters the clinic is considered an individual, no two people are ever the same, therefore no two healing strategies are the same.

After 15years of practice i've come to understand, our bodies want to be in homeostasis!, (balance), if we create the correct environment internally & externally, this can happen.

Herbal, nutritional & homeopathic therapy, coupled with lifestyle change, has the potential to bring back homeostasis.

Change doesn't have to be drastic to be effective, small changes have ripple effects throughout the cells, causing healing.

I believe a therapeutic strategy must be must be achievable & realistic.


    • Food is our medicine! Whilst I prescribe supplements, where possible, using food as medicine as part of our healing is a top priority.


    • Lifestyle balance. Life is how we think feel & move, what & who we are surrounded by.


    • True & lasting healing comes from addressing the four body system: mental, emotional, spiritual & physical.


    • Herbal medicine


    • Nutrition


    • Sanum therapy (Homeopathic)


    • Flower essences (Australian Bush flowers)


    • Hair analysis : for mineral & heavy metal testing.


    • Tissue & cell analysis


    • Mineral therapy


    • Ph testing


    • Zinc tally testing


    • Laboratory tests including: parasites, iodine, food intolerances, MTHFR,Pyrolle, hormones, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), adrenal function... to name a few.

As well as assessing physical signs (skin, nails, tongue, eyes), I also use tissue analysis to gain a deep cellular insight into a patient's body & therefore the most targeted way to heal / create balance.



Yes I see animals as patients too..... they're also part of the family!

I specialize in Naturopathic medicine for Horses, for their vitality, health & performance.

Hair & tissue/cellular analysis gives a grand insight into the animals condition & results are seen rapidly.

Animals are given herbal, nutritional & Sanum therapy remedies.​












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