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Janelle Coggan

Janelle Coggan

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Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

Janelle Coggan - Workshops

Focus areas

Habits Intolerance Joy Wellness Headaches Lower back pain

Workshops Available:


Touch For Health Synthesis TFH is internationally recognised as the foundation training for Kinesiology and aims to create better health. It utilises the Chinese meridian theory and uses acupressure and lymphatic and neurovascular reflexes to improve health and combat disease.

Learn How To:

      • Muscle Test


      • Increase Your Energy


      • Improve Hydration


      • Strengthen Immune System


      • Improve Muscle Strength


      • Reduce Mental and Physical Stress


      • Improve Learning, Retention and Recall


      • Balance out Depression and Low Moods


      • Increase Muscle Flexibility and Balance


      • Determine Allergies


      • Take Care of Immediate Needs Sprains, Headaches and Lower Back Pains


Community Workshops

Short 3 Hr classes, each with a unique focus.

Perceptive Vision

Ways to enhance, maintain and improve vision from the Kinesiology perspective.

Kinesiology For Kids

Covers muscle testing, switching on techniques, food allergies, feelings and others. Parent and child friendly.

Stress Release Made Easy

Managing Stress with fundamentals in Kinesiology; Emotional Stress Release; Alarm Points, Affirmations, Foods, Breathing, Exercises and more.

Tibetan Energy

Using the Tibetan Energy or Figure 8 energy concept to increase energy and vitality. Tests and corrections on Figure 8 energy flow, sound, spiral energy flow, vortices, Includes exercises.

Eat Right, Live Right

Introduces muscle testing for food and supplement choice and basic food combination concepts.

Healthy Pets

Muscle testing & Surrogate testing, comparative physical anatomy, nutrition, emotions, vibrational remedies, acupressure. Suggested foods for dogs and cats.


Many people suffer from Jaw Imbalance which can cause aches and pains, sleeplessness, migraine to name a few. Learn a profound technique to enable profound improvement and healing throughout the body.

Speed Reading

Runs as a 2 Day class or over 6 weeks. For those wishing to quicken their comprehension and recall skills. Note-taking and techniques to improve study habits are included as well as ways to alleviate learning challenges while learning to be more productive.

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