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JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience

Kristen Jelk

205 The Parade Rd
Norwood SA 5067

Servicing area: Norwood, Hyde Park & Adelaide SA

JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience

Restore your vitality with our soothing massage therapy and other body treatments. 

Massage Therapy, Body Wrap & Exfoliation

Revive Your Lost Strength

JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience offers different types of body treatments in Norwood SA, including massage services, body wrap and exfoliation. 

All of our massage services include a warm compress of botanical blends to soothe your muscles. 

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage


Reduce muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and regulate your nerves. This massage treatment comes with the essential oil of your choice.

Beautiful Back Treatment


Look sexy in your backless dress after this detoxifying back scrub that incorporates the rebalancing properties of botanical herbs.

Body Glow (wrap)


Get velvety smooth skin from this aromatherapy body wrap that includes essential oil blends and a rejuvenating exfoliation.

Body Satin (exfoliation)


Get rid of dead skin and detoxify your lymphatic drainage to get soft and healthy skin. 

Pregnancy Pamper Treat


Pamper yourself! We’ll be more than happy to give you a lower back massage, pedicure, half leg and / or bikini wax.

Pregnancy Remedial Massage


Don’t let pain take over your joy during this wonderful stage of your life. This therapeutic massage alleviates pain, increases blood circulation, and keeps your nervous system healthy.

Remedial Massage


We employ different massage techniques to relieve muscle pain, enhance circulation and nerve supply. 

Remedial Plus (Hot Stone)


This hot stone massage relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and maintains the health of the nervous system. 

Thigh Tone Cellulite Treatment

$450.00/10 x 30 minutes

Get rid of unwanted cellulite with our G5 massage system that utilises essential oil blends to detoxify the body and improve circulation.

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