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JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience

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Achieve beautiful, glowing skin from the inside out.

Skincare Program, Health Options+ & Synergy Experience

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Norwood, Hyde Park & Adelaide SA

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Nervous system Nails Makeup Nurturing Facial Hydration

The Story Behind Our Organic Skincare Line

JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience is not your ordinary skincare line in Norwood SA. Ours was born out of our founder’s deeply-rooted appreciation for the medicinal value of plants.

Janice was only three years old when she expressed an unusual interest for plants. As a busy mother to her three children in her late 20s, she neglected her health and her immune system went down. Including more fruits and vegetables in her meals helped Janice recover, and she never stopped learning about plants since.

She sat in on lectures at the Adelaide University Medical School, studied different techniques for Swedish and facial massage, and took up correspondence courses in herbal studies. 

Fifteen years into her career as a practicing nutritionist and skin health specialist, Janice was recognised by a naturopathic association in NSW. She was also invited to speak at international conferences throughout Europe.

A World Renowned Educator

Janice’s success in setting a new aesthetic standard that combines naturopathy and skin care inspired many people. Sometime in the 70s, she established her own school where she taught nutrition, natural therapies and beauty trade skills. 

Her school eventually obtained international accreditation and Janice qualified as a CIDESCO examiner in th Asian region.

Despite her achievements, Janice did not stop working. She wanted people to understand how organic farming methods contribute to skin health. So, she established JANESCE in 1986.

The Birth of Claret Ash Farm

By naturally cultivating the soil on her Claret Ash Farm, Janice was able to produce a herb and flower garden without using any GMOs. She would grow, harvest, dry and refine the flowers and herbs then take them to her cosmetic manufacturing facility, which now occupies the area where the old dairy farm once stood.

The Purest of Ingredients in Each Bottle

Considering the natural methods we employ in manufacturing our products, JANESCE retains the nutritional value of plants such as their essential oils, fat-soluble vitamins, as well as water-soluble vitamins and minerals.

Our formulation consists of little water and a low percentage of preservatives to ensure the longevity of our products. We follow a slow process, giving our plant extracts enough time to evolve into Master Blends. Once they have reached this phase, they are made into different cosmetic products such as lotion, cream, elixir, exfoliant, serum and mask.

Janice believes that “you can’t rush nature”. She adds that her concept of slow process also reflects in the way JANESCE products work on your skin and health. The skin, she says, will absorb the nutrients it needs, while the rest of the nutrients will flow through the bloodstream and be distributed to different parts of the body that need it the most.

Beauty Through Nutrition

In 1968, Janice opened Beauty Through Nutrition, a skin clinic that addresses different types of skin conditions through alternative treatments. 

As a clinician, she saw the need for incorporating a dietary guide into her treatment plans, hence the creation of Health Options+. This diet program helps you identify the types of food that harm your skin and which ones heal it by providing essential vitamins.

Janice has also designed the 7 Days of Me program to release toxins from your body and promote your general wellbeing. The Synergy Experience, on the other hand, is a facial treatment tailored to your individual needs. 

Get Into the JANESCE Ritual

Want to have smooth and radiant skin? Then follow Janice’s hydration ritual. It’s called the JANESCE humidifying ritual, which starts with washing your face with water and concentrated liquid herb extracts. 

After cleansing, apply a layer of JANESCE botanical mists on your face followed by the elixir and restorative serum. Finally, lock in the moisture with a combination of serum and lotion.

They also offer various beauty products. To learn more, check out their store here.

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