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The First Resort - NATURAL HEALTH - A progressive Way Of Life.

Janies Natural Health - About Us

Focus areas

Tiredness Pressure points Joy Circulation Touch therapy Muscle tension

I have over 20 years of experience in natural health therapies, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Each treatment is unique to the individual and may incorporate several healing methods, advice and/or strategies for an ongoing health regime for the basis of a holistic approach to health.

Services On Offer

    • Corporate Massage


    • Ear Candling


    • Energy Healing


    • Flower Essences


    • Kinesiology


    • Reflexology


    • Reiki


    • Massage


My Philosophies

Maintain good health
It is less costly and time consuming to maintain good health than it is to fall ill and have to restore your health. Commit to regular treatments and experience improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, reduced stress levels and improve general feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Through my treatments I can identify and release blockages.

Restore your health
By combining therapies, I can quickly identify ailments depending on your personal needs. I use gentle muscle monitoring to assess your overall state of health and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.) Each treatment is individual, utilising information gained from muscle monitoring, to help you identify elements that are inhibiting your natural state of health or reaching your full potential.

A typical treatment may include Kinesiology, Reiki, Reflexology, Ear Candling, or a Massage session to restore good health.

Help yourself to relax and slow down by making your health a priority. Preventing illness is less costly and time consuming then treating it.


"I have been seeing Janie regularly for 6-7 years. Initially I suffered from chronic fatigue and was rather sceptical of natural health practitioners. However Janie's treatments have helped restore my natural energy and also relieve stress. Janie uses muscle testing to determine the most appropriate treatment each visit. The treatments then involve reflexology, touch for health or kinesiology, or a combination."
- Jodie A, Redlynch

"All my life I have engaged in regular exercise including running, hiking, cycling,swimming, etc. Over the last couple of years I have begun seeing Janie for treatment for occasional injuries caused by falls, twists, overstretching, etc. Whereas I used to visit chiropractors and remedial masseurs, I have discovered that Janie can achieve equivalent results through less painful processes. I recommend her without hesitation."
- Ian B, Freshwater

"I seek regular massage treatments from Janie, on average every 1-2 weeks. I really appreciate the feeling of wellbeing I experience following her treatments. I seem to build up a lot of stress in my body as a result of running my businesses, which predominantly involve computer-focused activities. I have no hesitation in recommending Janie for natural health maintenance."
- Mick E, Bayview Heights

"Our whole family really enjoys our appointments with Janie and each have different treatments for our various problems. Personally I love reflexology, touch for health and kinesiology. My husband, a busy professional, enjoys Janie's therapeutic massages to relive stress. I also make sure our children's sporting aches and pains are attended to as well as ensuring their bodies stay in alignment. We all leave Janie's treatment room feeling energised and able to cope with what life might throw at us. Of course, it is important to maintain one's wellbeing, as it is to maintain one's car so we continue going back to Janie to stay in tune. We have been seeing Janie for the past 5 years, a testament to her healing touch."
- Kerry M, Redlynch

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    • Three in one Concepts Kinesiology West Sussex UK 1992/2001


    • British School of Yoga Reflexology UK 2001


    • Kent School of Thermo-Auricular Therapy UK


    • Heidi Owen School of massage UK 1995


    • Massage Australian Institute of Applied Sciences AU 2006


    • Back Care Solutions Dorn Therapy AU



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