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Janine Fraser - Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

Janine Fraser -

Servicing area: Blaxland, Springwood, Penrith & Blue Mountains

Janine Fraser - Psychologist & Hypnotherapist
Ever feel as if there's a battle going on insider of you and you have no control? Do you have more stress, anxiety or depression than you used to? Are you looking for a solution... someone to help?

Janine Fraser - Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

  • Do you feel as if you are “drifting” with nowhere to go?

  • Are distractions stopping you regain your focus?

  • Are you “too busy” for passion, intimacy or time for fun?

  • Are you missing a sense of purpose or feel you “used to have it” but don’t know where it has gone?

  • Are you constantly feeling disappointed with life, as if it just hasn’t reached your expectations?

    If you are fed up with feeling unsupported, having to do everything yourself, and loosing your energy and inspiration… then you are probably looking for that “something” that can help you get back on track.

    The answer is simpler than you could possibly imagine!

    Let me be blunt (as I usually am)… the reason most people “drift”... or are “distracted”... or “too busy”... or “lost”... is that most people have no idea of how they got to "this place" in their life... and therefore... they have absolutely no idea of how to find the path back out of this mess either!

    If you “drifted” into your career, or if you had a plan, but “didn’t follow through”, or if life has turned out differently (and not better) than you had planned… then I am talking to you!

    Are you ready... really ready... for the challenge of improving, thriving and even striving to be the person you are capable of being? Are you ready to work on yourself???

    Working with you I can help you make meaningful, long-term changes to your habits and patterns of behavior, the way you experience life, and the way you interact with others…

    Are you ready to make change?...

    If you are ready to make changes, and ready to work on yourself, then give me a call. Psychology and Hypnotherapy isn't "magic" - but it can work very effectively, and can help you gain control, make changes, and / or feel better! Why not make an appointment to see how I can help?

    I am available Thursdays at Blaxland. If Thursdays don't suit you, ask the office to get me to call you, and I'll see what else we can organise.

  • Qualification Details

    Registered Psychologist: PSY00019561812.
    Qualified and registered Counsellor & Hypnotherapist.
    BA (Psychology); BA (Honours); Dip & Adv Dip Holistic Counselling; Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy; NLP Master Practitioner; Cert in Human Development and Commnication Skills (Steiner based); Cert IV TAE (workplace trainer and assessor); plus more.


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    Janine Fraser - Psychologist & Hypnotherapist