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Member since
Mar 2013

Japanese Acupuncture

Contact Name John Le Gros
Mobile 0439 795 874
Address 40 Spurs Drv
Wellington Point QLD 4160
Servicing Areas Servicing Redlands & Fortitude Valley areas


Japanese Acupuncture

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture,Ear acupuncture, Chinese herbs,Tapping, Cupping, Moxabustion, Qi exercise therapy, Flower Essences

Specialise in CHRONIC & DIFFICULT conditions

Treatments also for:

  • PAIN of back,neck,shoulder,leg,arm headache & migraine,stroke,arthrities,sciatica,fibromyalgia,scar tissue.
  • TIREDNESS chronic fatigue,insomnia,immune problems,menopause,low energy, allergies,hay fever,sinus problems,asthma.
  • STRESS anxiety,panic attacks,depression,eating disorders,bowel problems & general stress of modern day life.

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What are Flower Essence?

Flower Essences work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns. They are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational / Qi quality from the most evolved part of the plant - the flower. At the Qi level they work in a very natural way with the mind, body and spirit. Flower Essences are not therapeutic drugs, but are an all pure and natural remedy.

They can be used as a natural home remedy for stress management, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger and other difficult feelings.

Like herbs, flower essences have also been used since ancient times, by most cultures, in one form or another, and across every continent, for the purpose of bringing about emotional and mental wellbeing.

The best thing about flower essences is that they are a very accessible healing tool, that anyone can use. You don't need to study for years to become competent and confident in their use. The are very easy to learn about and to use, affordable and effective, making them a very good natural home remedy.

For Mind and Body Balance, we offer the following services:

  • Flower essence consultations are available by appointment, and can be included within an acupuncture appointment.
  • If you already know which flower essence you would like to take, you can also purchase these at the clinic or via email from our online FLOWER ESSENCE DISPENSARY
  • Bush Flower Essence WORKSHOPS AND COURSES

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification Details

Registered Oriental Medicine Practitioner
With Auastralian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority
John has many formal qualifications in Japanese and Chinese acupuncture

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