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Natural Fertility Clinic

Jeff Edgecombe

2/18 Boronia Crt
2/18 Boronia Crt
Mount Barker SA 5251

Servicing area: Mount Barker, Berri, South Australia

Natural Fertility Clinic
Jeff is an Accredited Naturopath of 25 years. Natural Fertility assistance and management is an extension of Jeff's clinic. PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, irregular periods, cramping and other reproductive imbalances must be resolved to optimise fertility and conception

Jeff Edgecombe

"A large proportion of these were wanting to have a baby and realised their current health status was probably the underlying cause inhibiting conception". As a result Jeff created the Natural Fertility Clinic utilising Bio-Compatibility Testing as a foundation to help optimise fertility. Combining dietary modification natural medicines and other environmental and lifestyle adjustments Jeff has helped many couples start a family.

Bio-Compatibility testing provides the foundation to fertility. It is a unique test that pinpoints foods and household products that are specifically relevant to you. By eliminating these sensitive foods and products you allow the body to balance itself. For example Julie's test indicated that eggs, broccoli and talcum powder were not good for her. After removing these items from her life and choosing other items from her test that were compatible Julie's menstrual cycle became regular and her internal reproductive environment was then more conducive for conception. When Julie advised me she was pregnant we conducted another hair test at 8 weeks (as hormonal changes altered her sensitivity) and this test was followed throughout her pregnancy.

You are individually prescribed various treatment protocols for your specific fertility and health issue/s. This is based on your medical history, dietary habits and iris analysis taking into account your unique lifestyle and environmental circumstances.

These consultations are completely non invasive and work with and support any mainstream medical treatment you may be receiving.

At times other practitioners may complement your treatment or be better suited to help your health matter, this will be advised, if necessary.

Other conditions Jeff can help with include weight loss, pregnancy, difficulty conceiving, premenstrual problems, menopause, erectile dysfunction, digestive imbalances, constipation, bloating, IBS, skin disorders, low immunity, arthritis, migraine, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, headache, poor concentration, excess mucus, respiratory conditions eg asthma, sinus and hay fever, sluggish metabolism, ADHD.

Nutritional and herbal support for cancer is another area of support, particularly in terms of quality of life.

Extra services provided:

Weight management using nutrition and glandular support help optimise metabolic functioning. The program is combined with Naturopathic practice in terms of an wholistic integration. A weight management powder is sometimes applied based on need, convenience and individuality.

This weight management program is designed to be a lifestyle change that integrates into your way of life. Therefore reduce weight and keep it off and avoid the rebound effect that can occur with the more popular mainstream weight loss and management programs that are often based on meal replacement.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - The hair depends on blood supply for nutrition and growth. Minerals and trace elements are stored in the hair shaft indicating past health events.

A hair sample taken from the nape of the neck is all that is required. 

A report of the results is provided for you to keep. Jeff will evaluate and discuss the results with you and work out a treatment protocol, if required.

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Qualification Details

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy - Accredited Naturopath since 1992.
Diploma of Psychology.
Certificate IV - Training and Assessment.
Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 1989

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Jeff Edgecombe