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Jeni Wright Naturopath & Massage Therapist

Jeni Wright

North Ave
Bentleigh VIC 3204

Servicing area: Bentleigh & Melbourne Bayside Suburbs.

Jeni Wright Naturopath & Massage Therapist
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Jeni Wright Naturopath & Massage Therapist

Massage Relax, Rejuvenate & Revitalize

Your Massage will be tailored to suit your individual needs of pressure, choice of essential oils and massage techniques used.

As no two bodies are the same, your massage experience is customised to assist you with your goals of stress management, relaxation and time out from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

How Does a Massage Benefit Me?

There are multiple benefits of having a professional massage, with the most common including:
  • Calming and relaxing to the nervous system
  • Increases circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion of joints
  • Helps to clear lactic acid from the body
  • Enhances detoxification

Crystal and Stone Massage

Crystal and gemstone massage combines the advantages of massage with the subtle individual healing properties of the different stones and crystals being used. The massage can be an indulgent relaxing or revitalizing experience depending on the crystals and massage techniques used.

Crystal massage treats not only the physical and emotional bodies, but also helps the body tune its energy field back into balance, helping lift your mood and enhance energy.

Relaxation Massage and Aromatherapy Massage

Swedish massage is the original relaxation massage, which combines various movements over the body to promote wellbeing and relaxation. Aromatherapy massage uses aromatherapy massage techniques combined with high quality essential oils to assist many health conditions, and to indulge the senses and aid relaxation.

You can request tailor made aromatherapy products from Jeni for your health needs.

Gift certificates for Jenis services are available for all treatments, and can be sent by email for you to print or we can print the gift certificate for you. Delivery by email can make them the perfect last minute gift idea for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or birthday presents!

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