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Jun 2009

Theta Freedom Courses

Contact Name Jenner Miller
Phone 03 9988 1363
Servicing Areas Glen Iris, Ashburton Melbourne
Anyone can learn Theta Healing! Theta Healing® is a leading edge healing technique – you will learn tools that will change your life.

Basic, Advanced & Dig Deeper ThetaHealing«

NEXT Theta Healing Course Dates

Basic Class- 12, 13 & 14 October 2018

Advanced Class – 16, 17 & 18 November 2018

Dig Deeper Class – 27 & 28 October 2018


Ashburton, Melbourne

Basic Theta Healing® Course

Anyone can learn Theta Healing!

So, empower yourself and learn the Theta Healing technique with me

This course is designed to teach you to develop and connect with your intuitive and healing abilities.

In the Basic 3 day course you will learn all the basic techniques needed to do instant healing on yourself and others.

You will learn how to go into a theta brainwave where you can achieve instant healing; how to remove negative beliefs and emotions which limit and sabotage us; how to replace them with positives. This is a ‘hands on’ course.

This course is for you whether you want to use it for yourself, for friends and family, if you want personal growth or if you wish to become a Theta Healing® practitioner.

The 3 day Basic Theta Healing covers:

  • Going into a theta brainwave
  • Developing and opening your psychic senses
  • The power of our thoughts and subconscious mind
  • How negative thoughts affect our health and well being, creating problems in our lives
  • Removing negative thoughts and beliefs, and replacing them with positives
  • Aligning your energy field
  • How to scan the body for illness
  • How to remove radiation from the body
  • Healing yourself and others
  • Group healing
  • Muscle testing
  • Finding the key beliefs
  • 7 planes of existence
  • Removing curses, entities, psychic hooks
  • Guardian angel readings
  • Future readings
  • Retrieving soul fragments
  • Healing defective genes
  • How to manifest
  • And much much more


There are no prerequisites for this course

Investment: $566
Non refundable deposit: $66
Repeat price: $350

Advanced Theta Healing® Course

Expand on what you've already learned in the Basic DNA 2 course and take it to a higher level. Further your development as a Theta Healing practitioner.

You will learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold you back. You will learn how to heal the Baby in the Womb, to heal a Broken Soul, to talk to the higher-self and the Heart Song exercise.

This is a great personal development course. You will learn hundreds of new and positive feelings such as knowing how to live in the now or what self acceptance feels like. This will accelerate your growth and bring profound healing and enlightenment. This fun course is ‘hands on’.

The 3 day Advanced course covers:

  • Enhancing your reading and healing techniques
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Clearing old resentments and grudges
  • Clearing limiting vows and commitments
  • Releasing free floating memories from surgery, trauma or abuse
  • Soul healing
  • Clearing trauma from in the womb
  • A deeper understanding of the seven planes of existence
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Connecting with your ancestors
  • Bending time
  • Working on plants, crystals, businesses, houses etc
  • You will receive hundreds of positive ‘downloads’ or teachings that will profoundly transform your life

You will receive hundreds of positive ‘downloads’ or teachings that will profoundly transform your life


You need to have attended a Basic DNA Theta Healing® Course with a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor.

Investment: $575
Non refundable deposit: $75
Repeat price: $370

Manifesting and Abundance Course

Are you living the life you want? If not, what is stopping or limiting you? This amazing 2 day course helps you identify and clear the blocks to your goals and dreams. Learn how doing simple things in your life will help you create your abundance. This course is ‘hands on’.

This 2 day Manifesting and Abundance course covers:

  • The 100 most common beliefs blocking your abundance
  • Clearing blocks to abundance & achieving goals
  • Receiving positive feelings to create your abundance
  • Divine timing
  • Remembering the future
  • Daily routines to create abundance
  • Making your life work for you
  • Creating your future from the Seventh Plane


You need to have completed the Basic DNA 2 Theta Healing® Course, and
Advanced DNA Theta Healing® Course with a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor

Investment: $570
Deposit: $70
Repeat price: $370

Soul Mates Course

This course is designed to allow you to have a happier relationship, or to manifest a new relationship. It’s not so much about finding Mr/Ms Right, but of attracting your most compatible soul mate. It’s about how to prepare yourself so you can be ready for your soul mate.

The course is available as a one day course for those without any Theta Healing experience.

A second day is available to those who have taken the Basic and Advanced Theta Healing courses, to work on soul mate issues at a deeper level.

Student Manual is provided.

Course length: 1 day for non theta healers, 2 days for theta healing practitioners

This course covers:

  • What is a soul mate?
  • Learn the difference between soul mates and your spiritual soul family
  • Clear limiting beliefs and attitudes blocking you from allowing your soul mate into your life
  • Clear energetic ties to previous partners
  • We have many soul mates
  • Call in your most compatible soul mate
  • Loving yourself to find/keep your soul mate
  • How to stay in love with your soul mate


You need to have completed the Basic DNA 2 Theta Healing® Course, and
Advanced DNA Theta Healing® Course Course with a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor

Investment: 1 day - $200; 2 days - $350
Deposit: $80/$150

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

Most of us know that eating right and exercising help to lose weight. However there is much, much more to losing weight permanently and getting off the yo-yo of losing and gaining weight! Not all people who are overweight are eating too much food. Discover why diets don’t work.

In this one day course you will:

  • Identify and clear hidden and subconscious beliefs causing you to carry excess weight
  • Receive positive beliefs to replace the negative beliefs and help you release excess weight
  • Learn how to gain the benefits of exercise even when you’re too busy to exercise
  • Learn what supplements are beneficial in helping release excess weight
  • Learn how to feel good about yourself regardless of your weight
  • Learn how to gain the most nutrition from the food you eat
  • And much, much more….


You need to have completed the Basic DNA 2 Theta Healing® Course, and
Advanced DNA Theta Healing® Course with a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor

Investment: $150
Deposit: $50
Repeat price: $60

Intuitive Anatomy Course

This 3 week (15 day) in-depth course will take your Theta Healing to a higher level, and is also a wonderful opportunity for those who just want to focus on their own personal growth.

This is a life changing course! Intuitive Anatomy will create profound change in your life as you improve your skills to heal others and receive healing yourself. You will systematically work to clear the issues, emotions and blocks affecting the body systems and organs.

This 3 week course covers:

  • Learning about the different body systems – such as the digestive, nervous, circulatory systems and organs such as the ears, eyes, brain
  • Learning the different beliefs and emotions held by the body’s organs and systems
  • Clearing your own issues, emotions and blocks as you learn each system
  • Further improving your scanning skills
  • Improving your theta healing skills as you work with partners, do group healing and start to work with clients
  • Becoming more skillful and confident at all aspects of healing and body scanning


You need to have completed a Basic DNA 2, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper Theta Healing® Courses with a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor.

Investment: $2800
Non refundable deposit: $400
Repeat price: $1500

Disease and Disorders

This two week (10 day) course is designed to clear the theta healing practitioner’s blocks to working with different diseases. The course also gives insights into the physical, mental and emotional aspects of illnesses.

This course looks at over 100 diseases and disorders, the body systems, heavy metal poisoning, herbs and minerals.

You will work through your fears, blocks and issues relating to diseases and illness. Many of these are genetic, such as the fear of cancer. You will improve your abilities to heal the underlying emotions, beliefs and blocks relating to disease once you release your own fears.

You will improve your own skills as a healing practitioner after taking this amazing course.
This class is definitely for the alternative professional.

This 2 week course covers:

  • An intuitive in-depth understanding of disease
  • Hidden belief systems about disease that may blocking your abilities to heal illness in others and yourself
  • How feelings, emotions, beliefs and programs influence our behaviour and have dramatic affects on the body’s well being, even on a cellular level
  • Learn the programs, belief systems, intuitive insights, remedies and supplements that have been found to be relevant to certain diseases and


You need to have completed a Basic DNA 2 Theta Healing Course, Advanced DNA Theta Healing Course and Intuitive Anatomy Course with a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor

World Relations

This course will help you clear issues you may have with other cultures, countries and religions. You may discover that issues you’ve had with individual people may be due to unconscious beliefs and resentments towards other cultures and religions.

We often have genetic beliefs attached to fear, hatred, resentment and anger towards other countries, lands and their people that we didn’t even know we had. These beliefs, that can go back for centuries, can now be released.

This will help to improve your communication and relationships with others by helping you to embrace and accept the people and cultures of the world with true unconditional love. This is important in today’s multicultural societies and in a world where international travel and communication is common.

The World Relations Course is a powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict within yourself and towards others.

This 5 day course covers:

  • Countries of the world and an overview of their beliefs and customs
  • World religions and an overview of their beliefs
  • Belief structures and functionality of the alternative healing business world
  • Students will participate in hands-on belief work to find and release negative feelings and programs of other cultures, religions and people around the world
  • This allows acceptance of other people and cultures with true unconditional love


Theta Healing® Basic Course, Theta Healing® Advanced Course, and Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy Course, or Theta Healing® Basic Course, Theta Healing® Advanced Course, Theta Healing® Basic Teachers Training Course, and Theta Healing® Advanced Teachers Training Course


This 5 day course will change your ideas about the nature of reality. It takes you beyond limiting beliefs about life, the universe and reality. You will become aware of the infinite possibilities of life and the universe.

You will learn to change the molecules in water, work with the elements of earth and heal through the mitochondria within the cells of the body to create instantaneous healing.

You can use these skills for yourself, your clients and to help the planet.

This 5 day course covers:

  • Lining up your molecules
  • Deeper resentment work
  • Changing the molecular structure of water
  • Expanding to heal
  • Telekinesis - moving an object
  • Knowing your future
  • Divine timing
  • Spiritual bi-location
  • The power of your words and thoughts manifesting instantly
  • Blessings are stronger than curses
  • Finding your element (earth, air, fire, water) and changing the weather
  • Finding your law

The more you practice the skills learned in this class, the better results you will achieve and the more you will progress.


Theta Healing® Basic Course, Theta Healing® Advanced Course, and Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy Course. The more classes and belief work you have done on yourself, the more prepared you will be and the easier you will find this class.

Practice Sessions

Jenner holds practice sessions, which are a great way for students to practice their skills, work on their issues and to stay in touch with other Theta Healers.

Contact Jenner on (03) 9988 1310 or make an enquiry for more information

Jenner is a member of the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)


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