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Servicing area: Servicing Hartley & Lithgow (and surrounds) & the Blue Mountains

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Jennifer Edwards Counselling

Welcome to Jennifer Edwards Counselling

(Located in Hartley NSW)
  • Learn who you really are, rather than who you are 'supposed' to be
  • Improve your relationship with yourself
  • Understand your close relationships with others and how to improve them
  • Learn how to support yourself emotionally
  • Become more emotionally resilient
  • Feel stronger, freer, clearer and more connected to yourself and others
  • Learn to make conscious choices and decisions from a place of self awareness

About Jennifer

Jennifer Edwards is a qualified Counsellor Dip. Couns. (Counselling) NTP working from her beautifully peaceful garden studio in Hartley NSW. She was affiliated with Blue Mountains Cancer Wellness since its beginnings over 12 years ago and she is the owner/creator of the Emotional Survival Kit which has helped many people connect back to their power – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Jennifer’s philosophy is one of love and empowerment. A connection back to who you really are rather than who you are ‘supposed’ to be. She believes that the key that unlocks the door to personal freedom and happiness depends on learning to be with and accept all parts of yourself in a non judgemental and compassionate way.

By using the amazingly effective methods Person Centred Counselling, Voice Dialogue, Inner Relationship Focussing and mindfulness, Jennifer can support you to discover and develop your 'bigger self' - one that can be with anything that comes up for you.

About Jennifer Edwards Counselling

The counselling Jennifer offers is all about you; providing you with a safe space to talk about and experience exactly what is going on for you in your life right now.

By providing confidentiality and listening to you without judgement, blame or agendas, she is able to be present for you while your process unfolds.

Sometimes it can be difficult to accept where you're at right now and hard to accept parts of yourself that you don't like. At these times, you may be feeling powerless, anxious, overwhelmed by emotions and somewhat disconnected from yourself and others. Counselling encourages you to get to know yourself and opens up a greater spectrum of possibilities and choices.

Accessing your body's wisdom creates a greater freedom of perception, experience and possibilities so that you feel bigger than your problems and in control of your life. When we turn our awareness to what is really going on from the 'inside', acknowledging and welcoming all the parts of us that are there, then we are able to move forward from a feeling of being stuck, anxious and powerless. 

Jennifer Edwards can support you to feel more honestly, understand more clearly and think more usefully as you are empowered to build the life you really want to live.

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Qualification details

Jennifer Edwards Counselling
Dip. Couns. (Counselling)
Incorporating: Voice Dialogue and Inner Relationship Focussing

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Jennifer Edwards Counselling