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Jenny Blondel

Jenny Blondel

Peregian Springs QLD 4573

Servicing area: Peregian Springs & Sunshine Coast QLD

Jenny Blondel

Speed up your body’s recovery time with this non-invasive, gentle therapy.

Bioresonance Therapy & Bicom

The Power of Bioresonance Therapy

Want to recover fast from an ailment? Jenny Blonde offers BICOM® Bioresonance Therapy (BRT), a non-invasive and gentle therapy that aims to promote the natural healing process 

My goal in providing this form of therapy in Peregian Springs, QLD is to restore ‘self-regulation’, or the body’s ability to heal itself.

Accelerate the Healing Process 

This procedure picks up information from different types of matter within your body, and returns it in a modified form.

By using electromagnetic frequencies which transmit ‘information’, the therapy aims to support the body’s innate healing process.

You can relax throughout the duration of the therapy as it doesn’t cause any pain. 

By adding BICOM® Bioresonance therapy, a profound therapy to my already extensive repertoire of naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy and flower essences, I am offering a truly comprehensive and holistic range of natural therapies to help you achieve optimal health once more.

Book an appointment and explore the health benefits of this form of therapy.

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