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Jenny Blondel

Jenny Blondel

Peregian Springs QLD 4573

Servicing area: Peregian Springs & Sunshine Coast QLD

Jenny Blondel

Do you want to know what type of naturopathic diet plan best suits your health?

Naturopathic Consultation & Treatment Plans

Developing a Treatment Plan

I established Jenny Blondel to connect with everyone in Peregian Springs, QLD, who is suffering from restrictive health conditions.

Here, I detail the steps that we will go through in order to be able to create a naturopathic treatment plan, which includes diet and lifestyle advice, to help you reach optimal health.

In addition, nutritional supplements, herbal and homeopathic medicines, flower essences and mineral therapy may be prescribed, alongside bioresonance therapy, to improve your health and well-being.

Initial Consultation

During this session, I conduct very detailed testing to find out the causes of your health concern(s). I will then devise a therapy plan, including bio-energetic medicine, dietary advice if needed, lifestyle recommendations and possible supplements, herbal medicine and/or bespoke hormone formulas to help you achieve optimal health. The initial consultation takes two hours.

Follow-up consultations

During follow-up consultations, patients receive individualised therapies (including inversion of pathogens, detoxification, immune support) and further testing to determine the progress of the treatment and continuing naturopathic advice.

From my experience, most patients require in excess of 3 consultations, preferably spaced a week apart, if not a fortnight apart, so, for this reason, I encourage you to book ahead at least one more follow-up consultation to allow continuity of treatments.

My 10-Step Consultation
  • Bioresonance therapy
  • Vitamin/mineral assessments
  • Allergy testing and treatment
  • Hormone and neurotransmitter assessment
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Basic genetic testing
  • Diet and lifestyle analysis
  • Naturopathic medicine prescription/review
  • If applicable, bespoke hormone creams blended
  • If applicable, Stop Smoking treatment
Additional Steps, if Applicable
  • A Cellular Health Analysis
  • Iridology
  • Possible recommendations for clinical diagnostic tests such as saliva hormone testing, thyroid testing, MTHFR screen and kryptopyrrole screening
Preparing for Your First Visit
  • Complete the relevant new patient form detailing your full history, symptoms, as well as any previous medical history, allergies, intolerances, medications, diet and lifestyle habits, among others. 
  • Avoid consuming strong coffee or alcohol before your consultation
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing (ladies: no dresses)
  • Remove mobile phone, metal jewellery and watches from the body

Book an appointment to obtain a health care plan that’s appropriate for your needs.

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