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About Jenny

Jenny Lo Ricco is a registered division one nurse with accredited qualifications in massage, Bowen therapy and Manual lymphatic drainage. She is an accredited member of the ATMS and is also a nationally and internationally registered lymphatic practitioner with the ALA and the Dr Vodder school of MLD and decongestive therapy.

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Bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy is a technique that focuses on the gentle manipulation of aligning muscles at attachment points ( tendons and ligaments). This technique was developed in the 1950s by a Geelong local named Tom Bowen. He discovered through his work with people, that this modality not only assisted the health of muscle and connective tissue, it also had benefits to organ health as well. 

This modality has been known to treat conditions in a way that can be tolerated by those who can no longer engage in deep tissue work.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is an even more gentle skin technique that mimics the natural flow of lymph vessels in our body.  The lymphatic system is a major drainage and transport system of waste and nutrients. If this is not at its optimum, we can experience fluid collection, usually to either arms or legs, toxicity type symptoms and even weight gain.

The lymphatic work also has an impact on nervous disorders as the location is closeby.  MLD ( Manual Lymphatic Drainage)  has the ability to influence the nervous system by either stimulating it or deactivating it so that you can start to feel calmer and reduce that short, sharp pain you may be feeling.  It also aids in the reduction of scarring after surgery or injury. The outcomes are enormous.

Neuromuscular therapy

This modality is very similar to Remedial therapy in its depth and assessment.

It aims to target congested or blocked connective tissue through deep and calculated work through active and passive movements that provide release to joint capsules and trigger points.

Myofascial cupping

Unlike massage, cupping provides treatment through negative pressure rather than positive pressure. 

By moving the connective tissue away from the muscle, we can smooth any connective webbing that has become caught through poor positioning or movement.  This isolates the problem where the therapist believes the pain is at the connective or fascial level. 

At Jenoah Therapies, you will be provided with which ever modality you need at any given time.

This is determined by thorough assessment at each visit and consultation with you.

Jenoah therapies is trading from Logans Beach Spa Retreat (7 Logans Beach Rd) on Tuesdays

(03) 5561 3750

Hours: 9.30am - 7pm

Also at 84 Nicholson Street, Warrnambool on Monday & Friday

Hours: Monday 11am - 3pm and Friday 9am - 6pm

For more information or to make an enquiry contact Jenny today!! 

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