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Jessica Nash ~ Doula

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Your Body. Your Birth. Your Baby.

Jessica Nash ~ Doula

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Pregnancy support Emotions Postnatal support Coping skills Stress management


My name is Jessica. I am based in Macksville, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, where I have lived for over 20 years.  It was here I met and married my High School sweetheart, and where we have welcomed two beautiful sons into our lives.

The births of my sons were two very different experiences, each teaching me valuable lessons, about the birth process, and about myself.

As a child, I had many dreams and ambitions as to what I would be when I ‘grew up’. But life has a way of making decisions for you at times, and instead, I became a mother a little sooner than I would have planned. I threw myself into being a stay at home mum, and while I worked some casual  jobs just to keep the money coming in, I knew there had to be something bigger and better career-wise out there.

It was not long after the birth of my second son that my sister in law asked me to support her through the birth of her third child. We joked about how that would be the perfect ‘job’ for me, and lo and behold, we discovered that supporting women through their journey to motherhood was an actual career.

Whilst technically doulas don’t need qualifications, I felt it was appropriate to seek training. And so began my study with the Australian Doula College. I graduated as a Birth and Postnatal Doula in April of 2011, after attending three births as a student. I have since furthered my training with the Stillbirthday University, USA.

Since 2010 I been Blessed to support many more families throughout their various pregnancy, birthing and postnatal experiences.
It is my aim to provide you with all the information you seek/require to make decisions that are right for YOU.

Birth Doula Services

A doula offers non medical support and information, and will work alongside medical staff, as part of your support team.

As your Birth Doula, I offer support to you during your pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period. We will meet for face to face consultations throughout the pregnancy at appropriate times, and I often provide support via phone, email and Facebook messaging as well.

What we cover in these sessions will vary depending on your individual needs. I can help you research all your birthing options and compile a birth plan, discuss any concerns you may have, or simply just chat over a cuppa and build a relationship.

My ‘on call period’ is two weeks either side of your due date but should you labour before or after this I will do my best to attend. When your baby decides to be born, we will work together to decide when you would like me to attend.

After baby is born, I shall stay until you are all comfortable, and if breastfeeding I shall help you get this started if need be. I will then visit you at a suitable time for our postnatal session and again, your needs will vary and I am flexible in the support I can offer you.

How much do you charge?

My birth package is $900, and includes the following –

  • Two prenatal sessions, in your home, or at a mutually convenient place, where we will discuss your birth plan, research your options, and endeavour to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best choices for you.

  • Access to a growing range of books and cds for you to borrow.

  • A copy of ‘Birth Journeys’ for you to keep.

  • A blend of ‘Blissful Herbs’ for postnatal healing support if appropriate.

  • Phone and email support throughout the pregnancy.

  • On call for 2 weeks either side of your ‘due date’. Of course if you labour earlier or later than that I will do my best to attend.

  • Physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your babys birthing from whenever you’d like me to attend.

  • One postnatal visit in your home to help you settle in to your new life, and also to assist you with any concerns you have.

  • Phone and email contact in the early days after the birth if required. 

Additional visits, both pre and postnatally can be added, and the price will vary depending on your needs.

Also, a package can be tailored to suit your individual needs, so please contact me to discuss this.

I offer all potential clients a free interview, at a mutually convenient place, where we can discuss your needs and ascertain if I am the right support for you. If you decide to book me, a deposit of $200 is due to secure your booking.

*A special package is available to mothers under 18 years, and is offered at a discounted rate. Please contact me to discuss.

Online Serivces

Are you pregnant, or have a new baby?

Feeling anxious or concerned?

Want someone to talk to who will give you consistent, unbiased support and information?

Chat via Skype or Zoom about anything that’s concerning you. Be it nerves about the birth, guidance on how to settle baby, or some tips on helping older siblings adjust, I can help you figure it out.

As a mother and qualified doula, I have extensive and varied experience with all things ‘baby’. Let me share my wisdom with you!

With the right support, this special time can be less overwhelming.

Post Natal Services

Are you a new Mum? Or soon to be?

Feeling stressed, or worried about how you’re going to cope once

you’ve brought baby home?

You might even just be thinking “How on earth am I going to find time to shower, let alone get the washing or anything else done?!”

As a new mum it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In hospital you probably had good practical support from the midwives, but now you’re home, reality sets in that you’re kind of on your own, and that can be a scary thought!

You are not alone.

Feeling anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed is all very common!

If you’re a first time mumma it is completely normal to feel nervous about how to care for a new baby.

You may be an experienced mum, who’s just a little bit concerned about how you will cope with the extra addition to the family and the new demands that having another child brings.

The house work is probably starting to pile up around you while you’re busy with the seemingly never ending “feed-settle-feed-settle-repeat” routine, causing you to feel completely overwhelmed.

The good news is, I can help!

The first three months of the postnatal period are sometimes referred to as your fourth trimester, which can often be the most challenging one! This is a very special time for you and your baby; after nine months as one, you are now navigating having become two. This is very exciting, and can also be daunting at times. Add in hormones, emotions, lack of sleep, constant ‘advice’ and both personal and external expectations and being a Mother can be a very overwhelming and even lonely place.

Too often the scenario is that you bring bubby home, friends and family come to coo over the new addition for a while, and then the novelty wears off. People get back to their own lives, and you’re left feeling like you have to be some kind of supermum/stepford wife; keeping an immaculate home, preparing nutritious meals, all the while nurturing your child for the beautiful individual being s/he is.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

In a word? No!

The pressure placed on mothers today (whether externally or self imposed) is unfair, and is impacting on women’s mental health severely.

Traditionally, the postnatal period is recognised as a time for you to be bonding as a family, with others supporting you through this new experience.

Sadly, implications of a modern society have meant that only a lucky few women have this support network available to them. How many of us have our mothers, aunts, or sisters living closeby, able to drop everything and spend their days with us? Or have friends who are not caught up with their own commitments? In our modern day society that sense of sisterhood and the tribe mentality has been lost so it’s completely normal that you are feeling this way.

This is where a Postnatal Doula can help.


My role as a Postnatal Doula is to nurture you and your baby as you transition into this new family dynamic.

I do this by providing you with practical and emotional support, whilst at the same time empowering YOU with confidence in YOUR own abilities. Or you might feel you need a little guidance in learning how to take care of bub, and I can help you with this. My purpose is to support you right NOW, whilst helping you to build your own tribe for future support.

I can help with the following

Supporting you in gaining confidence with

  • Knowing when baby is hungry vs tired etc. I can teach you ways to better understand the cues your baby is giving you

  • understanding baby’s sleep needs, and Demonstrating how to settle baby for sleep

  • bathing baby for relaxation

  • making baby comfortable for ease of sleep with wrapping or swaddling

  • basic infant massage – to help you bond with baby, and to help baby relax

  • breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or both!

  • techniques to create a solid, warm bond with your baby

  • helping older siblings adjust

  • maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner as you transition into parenthood

Light housework duties (such as doing a load of washing, doing the dishes, vacuuming, picking up groceries, dusting, etc). Kind of like your own modern day Mary Poppins! (Minus the carpet bag!)

I can help you get the evening meal ready for the family, so everyone is still well fed or I can help you prepare ahead for your own lunches and snacks, to ensure you are staying well nourished. We can work on a meal plan for your network of family and friends too – to avoid 18 lasagnes ending up in your freezer!

Entertaining older children while you rest/bond with baby.

Minding baby while you shower or rest, or simply enjoy a cuppa while it’s hot!

Simple relaxation techniques & coping skills to help you stay relaxed and in control when things are tough.

Access to further resources as required (lactation consultant, baby massage therapist, naturopath, chiropractic, etc).

Ok, sounds great! How do I book?

Simply select your chosen package, and contact me. I’ll email you through payment details and contact you to arrange a schedule.

Encouragement Package

The Encouragement Package is perfect for the Mum who is seeking some gentle support and tailored information in parenting their new baby. This package provides you with twelve hours of support over two weeks during the postpartum period. Your total investment for the Encouragement Package is $700

Guidance Package

The Guidance Package is designed for mums who are seeking a little more emotional support. This package includes eighteen hours of support over three weeks during the postpartum period. Perfect for those mummas lacking the support they require from friends or family. Your total investment for the Guidance Package is $900

Nurturing Package

The Nurturing Package is perfect for the mum who feels she needs extensive support. Popular for C-section mums or mums who has experienced a traumatic birth that need help recovering either physically or mentally and are after more practical support. The Nurturing package provides you with twenty four hours of support over four weeks during postpartum. Your total investment for the Guidance Package is $1100


  • Travel within one hour of Macksville

  • Support sessions are three hours in duration, twice a week

  • Payment options available upon request

  • Custom packages are available – please contact me to discuss your needs.


  • As a bonus, all Postpartum clients will also receive –

  • Blissful Herbs Babymoon Bliss Tea 25g,

  • Blissful Herbs Breastfeeding Bliss Tea 25g,

  • Blissful Herbs reusable muslin tea bag,

  • Hollipop Prints Bandana Bib and Facecloth,

  • Young Living Oil Diffuser

Valued at over $160 FREE with your postpartum package

It’s time to invest in YOU, Mama.

Let me help you become the mother you were destined to be.

Butterfly Blue Bereavement

If you have just found out the devastating news that your baby has passed, or is expected to soon, please accept my sincere condolences. There is absolutely nothing anyone can say or do to take away this pain, but as a Certified Stillbirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula, I can walk alongside you and hold the space for you and your family to make memories with your precious Angel.

No matter what stage in your pregnancy, I can offer you my support based on what you decide for your body, your baby, and your family. Whether you prefer in-person support or phone/email contact only, I can support you before, during and after the birth of your baby.
As a SBD Doula I am able to do any of the following, depending on what you may need –

  • Help you navigate your options, and provide practical information and support for pregnancy, birth and afterwards

  • Provide assistance in preparing a birth plan for any stage of pregnancy

  • Support you during the birthing experience – whether at home or in hospital

  • Help capture moments and create lasting memories and keepsakes

  • Assist in understanding medical procedures and options at each stage

  • Assist you in preparing to meet your baby

  • Validate and support the whole family’s experience, including sibling support

  • Provide support and resources when saying goodbye to your baby

  • Liaise with your chosen funeral home

  • Identify and encourage healthy grieving

  • Provide practical post-natal support in the home, including referral to local supportive resources

  • Provide assistance in helping friends and family support you in a productive and helpful manner

Butterfly Blue Bereavement Services are offered to families at no cost, in honour of my darling brother Bradley who passed away as an infant, and in memory of all the other Angel Babies who have touched my life. However your generous contribution will ensure I can continue to support other families experiencing loss. Sometimes families or friends may wish to make a contribution in honour of a special Angel, and if this is the case, I will publicly acknowledge your offering and the Angel who inspired it on my Facebook page if you so wish. If you would like to contribute, please contact me.

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