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Jessie Ann Elliott Counselling

Bellbird NSW 2325

Holistic Counselling

Jessie Ann Elliott Counselling

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Jess and I am so grateful you are here! I am a Counsellor, a Coach, a Mentor and a Guide. I work with individuals, families, businesses either 1:1 or through the facilitation of online programs. I work with people to help them step into their power, reprogram limiting beliefs that don't serve them and take inspired action towards their desires.

Essentially, I want to surround you with love until you feel able to give that love to yourself. I will be your cheer leader, I will ask you some tough questions, I will help you reclaim who you once were - or find yourself for the first time.

In addition to qualifications and experience in holistic counselling, meditation therapy and community planning, I come to you with a lot of life experience (and a 'quirky' personality lol) that you may resonate with:

•I am a Mum to a beautiful, busy 18 month year old. A wife, daughter, sister, friend.

•My Husband and I struggled with infertility for 18 months before we conceived our son. I was diagnosed with a condition that meant due to stress and anxiety, my body would not ovulate.

•I experienced postnatal depression and anxiety until our Son was about six months old.

•I am the griever of the loss of my Dad to suicide when I was 22 years old. On my continued journey of healing from this loss I have experienced depression and anxiety.

•I am a survivor of workplace bullying.

•I am an advocate of a new normal in our experience of parenthood that includes cultivation of a Village that allows self care to be practiced by parents. I am a gentle and conscious parent.

•Before becoming a parent and a partner, I travelled extensively through the UK and Europe on what I call my 'quarter life crisis' for 12 months. This process was one of significant self development and healing.

•I have recently been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I mange this by being open with family and friends around my capacity, practicing meditation and shedding the stuff in life that doesn’t nourish me.

•I love future thinking and planning.

•I love to laugh and value finding what brings myself and others joy in life. I am a self development, spiritual development and comedy nerd.

•I love running, strength training and spin class.

•I am 33 and have never loved my body more than I do now.

I would love to hear from you!

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Jessie Ann Elliott Counselling