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Jian Hua (Maria) Zong

Jian Hua (Maria) Zong

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Jian Hua (Maria) Zong

Servicing area

Sandy Bay, Tasmania

Focus areas

Fatigue Tennis elbow Energy Constipation Health issues Chinese herbal medicine

Maria Zong is a qualified practitioner of acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. Born and trained in China, Maria's products bring the best of Eastern medicine to Australia.

About Maria

Maria Zong is an accredited practitioner of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Oriental Remedial Therapy. She is a fellow member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

Maria was born and trained in China. She holds the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Medicine (China), Diploma of Acupuncture (China), Diploma of Massage (China), Graduate Diploma of Immunology & Microbiology (University of Tasmania)

Maria practised acupuncture and Chinese medicine for 6 years in China before coming to Australia. She started to practise acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the Hobart area in 1993. Over her 25 years of practice she has helped many people with different health conditions.

Maria has had a number of appearances in the media, including radio, newspaper and TV regarding her professional work.

Maria also creates her own unique skin and hair products using natural ingredients and Chinese herbs. She may prescribe and tailor-make skin or hair products in her clinic for her patients. Some of her skin and hair products may be purchased on line.


"I met Maria nearly 20 years ago, when she healed my tennis elbow. Over the years I have come to her when I know I need serious help. She is the best healer in acupuncture, truly! Her calm and wise approach are what help my healing, always."
Barbara, Bruny Island, 2010

"I wish I had found Maria before I did! My constipation was extremely bad. Taking laxatives and benefiber was not socially working. Having acupuncture and taking Maria’s herbs worked a treat. Now I can go to the toilet regularly with no problems!! Thanks so much Maria."
Bec, 2011

"I consulted Maria Zong for treatment of fatigue and general malaise. With regular acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine I have regained my energy and enthusiasm in my daily life. Maria’s treatments are sensitive and skilful and she brings a deep curiosity and wisdom to her approach to healing.
I am very grateful and recommend Maria as a skilled and informed practitioner."

Maggie, Hobart, 2009

"I have been receiving treatment from Maria for some years now (acupuncture) for back and neck problems. I can say there has been much improvement."
Len A., Devonport

"Maria has treated my husband, my 5 year old twin boys & myself for various disorders.
I have been using acupuncture & herbs for years & I can say Maria is one of the most skilful people I have seen.
She is sensitive & thorough. I highly regard her."

Elizabeth, Tasmania

"Maria has treated me for numerous health issues over the past 15 or so years. Sometimes I have had acupuncture alone or combined with herbs, depending on what Maria’s diagnosis was, I have always been helped by her treatments, advice and her attention to my holistic self-especially my emotional needs. Maria is extremely competent and spends considerable time ensuring the treatments are both appropriate and effective. I would recommend anyone to have a consultation with her for any condition."
Maree, 2010

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