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Jillian Rodgers
Member since 2005

Jillian Rodgers

Jillian Rodgers

Prahran VIC 3181

Servicing area: Prahran, Victoria

Jillian Rodgers
Professional Naturopath (over 30 Yrs Exp.), Bowen Therapist & Pranic Healer. I have also worked on both TV & Radio discussing health issues.

Jillian Rodgers - Naturopath and Bowen Therapy

Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy & Pranic Healing



Over the years Jill has helped thousands of people by successfully treating a wide range of illness such as digestive, menstrual, respiratory, hormonal, nervous disorders as well as emotional issues such as depression, sadness, grief, panic attacks and distress from broken relationships.

Her successful results are due to her years of experience and the option for inclusion of Pranic Healing and/or Bowen Therapy within each consultation. As improvement can be noticed from the first consultation, less medication will be required to treat your condition, and you will be provided with techniques to maintain a healthy, happy, vibrant lifestyle.

Jill is also the founder and managing director of nPod, the Naturopathic Product Online Database for health practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.


First Consultation: $88 - 1 Hour

Follow-Up Consultations:
$70 - 1/2 Hour
$76 - 3/4 Hour
$84 - 1 Hour

*Concession Fees:
Concession fees are available on request with a current health care card, pensioner card or full-time student card.

First Consultation: $82 - 1 Hour

Follow Up Consultations:
$65 - 1/2 Hour
$71 - 3/4 Hour
$78 - 1 Hour

*Children (under 12):
First Consultation: - $76
Further Consultations - $64

Health Rebates from most Health Funds. No GST on Consultation fee

Bowen Therapy

Some remarkable and long standing results have been achieved with the use of this gentle therapy over the past 28 years. It is a subtle muscle and connective tissue therapy used to reduce tension, eliminate muscular pain and balance muscular alignment and energy flow within your body.

It is particularly helpful if you suffer from Sinus, Hayfever, Asthma, Headaches, neck & shoulder tension, back pain, painful joints, circulatory disorders or general muscular discomfort.

Pranic Healing

Jillian has experienced some amazing recoveries in the 17 years she has practised this modality. It is an exceptionally powerful healing that can give immediate relief to physical, emotional or mental ailments which would otherwise take weeks or even months to heal.

It can also be helpful for emotional issues which may be affecting your life. Healing is accelerated on every level.

What Happens in a Consultation?

Your FIRST consultation will take ONE HOUR and a comprehensive case history will be taken. Your individual treatment will consist of either herbal, vitamins or minerals, homeopathic, and a treatment plan will be organised for you, together with lifestyle advice.

Jillian may prescribe one or more of:

    • Herbal medication


    • Cell Salts


    • Nutritional supplements


Nutritional/ Lifestyle advice as considered appropriate for your individual condition and some simple and very effective techniques to reduce stress and worry in your life, are also available. Jillian can also treat a wide range of conditions including the following:

    • General feelings of discomfort & lethargy


    • Menstrual Disorders ( e.g. PMT, Thrush, Menopause, Menstrual pain, excess of or absence of flow)


    • Headaches (Cluster, Tension Vascular & Migraine)


    • Sinus, Hayfever low energy, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    • Digestive complaints (e.g. Candida Alb., bloating


    • Abdominal pain & Irritable Bowel Syndrome), constipation, diarrhoea


    • Weight loss & weight gain, Hypoglycemia, sugar cravings


    • Stress & emotional issues such as Grief, Sadness & Depression and general emotional blockages


    • Circulatory disorders such as cramps and cold extremities


    • Muscular aches, Joint pains, Arthritis & Rheumatism


    • Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, weak & splitting nails, falling hair


    • Respiratory disorders (sore throats, frequent colds, coughs and Improvement of immune system. Allergies, viruses, Herpes Virus etc.)


You are welcome to phone Jillian and discuss how she can help you.

Naturopathic & Herbal Remedies

Some of the products that are offered include:

    • Metagenics


    • Eagle


    • Mediherb


    • Nutrition Care


    • Innovative Therapies


    • BioMedica


    • Orthoplex


    • China Med


    • InterClinical Lab


    • Natural Fertility


    • Oriental Botanicals


    • Brauer


    • Medicine Tree


To ensure that you receive immediate improvement in your health and wellbeing and to avoid the necessity of expensive medication, you may choose to receive Bowen Therapy & Pranic Healing during each consultation.


"After suffering for 2 months with, Sinus, I visited Jillian. This was my first visit to a Naturopath and I was very impressed with her thorough history taking, the Bowen Technique and medication. My sinus cleared up in two days. Jillian also treated me for PMT and I was amazed that it dissipated so quickly! "
- P.H. of Malvern BG

"I was fortunate to be given a Pranic Healing by Jillian. I had suffered from acute Achilles Tendon pain and discomfort for 6 weeks. During the session the pain disappeared entirely and during subsequent exercise and tennis exposure, all the symptoms and discomfort disappeared altogether."
- Brian Dixon (Melb. Football Club player for 15 years and Ex Minister of Health)

"Going through separation and being a new Mum is definitely not an ideal combination. The anger, rage and betrayal I felt with my ex was undescribable. I felt like my life had just ended! After my very first healing with Jillian the heaviness in my heart lifted instantly. I cannot describe what balance and peace I feel deep inside today. I know I never could of found this sense of calmness without her help. I am very, very grateful to have met and to have been healed by Jillian. Thank-You!"
- Polly

"On my second visit to Jillian I felt a tremendous burden lifted from my chest - I literally felt it being drawn out during Pranic Healing. The grief I had been holding onto since my mother passed away had been lifted and healed. I felt lighter and my world seemed much brighter. My Headaches and neck pain have also gone, thanks to Jillian."
- D.M. Caulfield BG

"Having experienced the agony of Nocturnal cramps for several years, it is wonderful to be free of them at last. The medication used to cure this has also eliminated my monthly period pain. I also felt the effects of the cold to such a degree that most of the year was uncomfortable for me. I could not even escape this by wearing multiple layers of clothes. Both of these maladies Jillian has relieved with the use of Homeopathic and Herbal remedies, for which I remain forever grateful."
- Miri of East Malvern

"Fourteen years ago I went to see Jillian with excruciating Migraines. I am pleased to say they have not returned. Over the years Jillian has introduced me to an alternative healing and a new way of life. Many Thanks!"
- Jane - South Yarra

"The first time I had pranic healing I was slightly sceptical before the session. After I had received the treatment I felt almost like I was flying. During the session I saw many different colours including purple, pink, green and white. Recently when I tore the ligaments in my ankle, Jillian gave me pranic healing from a distance. Almost instantly the pain disappeared. I went from being tense and screaming from the pain to relaxed and pain free."
- Michelle, age 16 BG

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification Details

  • Dip. in Naturopathy,1987, (includes 22 years of CPE)
  • Certificate in Iridology, 1984
  • Bowen therapy Certification in 1987
  • Advanced Pranic and Psychotherapy Certification 1998
  • Managing Director of nPod (an online Product Manual for Health Professionals)
  • Accred. member of A.T.M.S.
As part of the high standard required by ATMS, Naturopathic Practitioners, continue to attend seminars and lectures, to keep up to date with the latest findings and gain Continuing Professional Education points (CPE) on a regular basis.

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