Jill McAlister

Oxenford QLD 4210

Servicing area: Gold Coast, Australia Wide

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Empowering women to express their Sacred Feminine Potential through Soul-centred healing, coaching and counselling

About Jill at Sacred Feminine Healing

Would you like to:

    • Feel more whole as a woman and connect with the wisdom, healing and power of the Divine Feminine?

    • Reconnect to lost or suppressed parts of yourself and let go of old unhelpful patterns, eg. trying to please others and fitting in?

    • Increase your self-worth and feel more authentic?

    • Heal and calm your emotions?

    • Learn to quiet and calm your mind?

    • Connect to your creativity?

    • Make empowering changes that bring you a greater sense of balance, happiness and connection to your Soul?

    • Feel like you are living in line with your Soul Purpose?

    • Develop a stronger connection to your intuition and authentic self?

    • Understand your energy body and develop a stronger connection to your spirituality?


Jill supports women to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  She empowers them to let go of distressing emotions and limiting beliefs and patterns and make empowered changes, so that they can live an authentic life in alignment with their Soul and highest feminine potential.  She offers:

  • Sacred Healing, which combines energy healing with spiritual coaching

  • Sacred Feminine Coaching

  • Soul-Centred Counselling, which is a holistic counselling approach


Jill offers appointments at Oxenford on the Gold Coast and by Telehealth video-conferencing on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Qualification details

I am a Soul Guide, Coach, Energy Healer, Holistic Counsellor and Artist. I initially studied and worked as a Clinical Psychologist for many years. I gained some really helpful knowledge, but it didn't give me all the answers I was looking for. I felt a strong desire to look beyond academic study and traditional psychology to really understand people more deeply. This led me to study all sorts of alternative psychological and psycho-spiritual frameworks and therapies over the years, moving away from the more mainstream cognitive behavioural therapy, to emotional processing approaches, voice dialogue, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, epigenetics and energy healing.  Along the way I also developed a passion for exploring Goddess mythology and archeytpes and the Divine Feminine as a way of tapping into different aspects of the Sacred Feminine and connect with more of our potential as women. I have explored this through painting images of the Divine Feminine, meditation, reading and attending courses in Goddess archrtypes and mythology, and I have completed a 9-month Priestess training through the Tantric Rose Mystery School, following the Isis-Magdelane lineage.

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Sacred Healing

  Sacred Healing is a Soul Centred energy healing approach, incorporating Spiritual Coaching, to facilitate deep healing and transformation, and empower women to align with their Soul and express their highest potential.

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Jill McAlister