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Jim Crosthwaite

Alexander Works!

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Learn mindful ways to address pain, improve posture and reduce stress Great value for computer users First lesson free (on request)

Postural education with Alexander Technique

Servicing area

Fairfield/Ivanhoe & central-northern Melbourne

Focus areas

Stress management Self-esteem Joy Headaches Lower back pain Shoulder pain

My Current Offer

A 30 minute free lesson at my studio, if mentioned when making the booking.

If you work in inner Melbourne, I'm happy to meet at your office or nearby over coffee to hear about your needs and to discuss how the Technique might help.

Services Available

One-on-one tuition - my studio or your workplace/home

Workplace & group training (see Corporate below)

Skype for people located remotely 

What to expect

  • Gentle hands-on and verbal instruction to guide you towards less tension and freer ways of moving
  • Lying on a 'massage' table facing upright, fully clothed, as I gently guide you in releasing tension in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Simple explanations of Alexander Technique and many tips to help you in everyday life

Sarah says: "From my very first session with Jim, his passion and commitment to teaching Alexander Technique was evident. Skilled and knowledgeable on the method, Jim was ever ready to answer any questions, creating a safe and encouraging space for me to practice. Genuinely interested in my progress and helping me to achieve my goals, Jim invested the time and effort to tailor lessons to my needs, take on feedback I had and raise my awareness to habits I had developed over the years. After six consecutive classes, I have noticed pronounced changes in my posture and movements which has elevated discomfort from continuous office work."  


I offer a holistic approach to self-care based on practical skills. The approach is both mental and physical, encouraging body-mind awareness.

I work with people who have:

  • Poor posture
  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Musculoskeletal conditions like Parkinson’s
  • Problems with stress, breathing and speaking

Ruth came to me with excruciating shoulder pain. It went after one lesson, though she came for many more lessons to address underlying tension.

Diane felt great relief having had excruciating back pain for two days after a long reading session, followed by some heavy gardening.

Other changes may surprise you:

  • Reduced tension and stress
  • Relaxation and well-being
  • Self-esteem and confidence

I can also help with:

  • Pain management and injury rehabilitation
  • Speaking and public presentations
  • Ergonomic set up of work stations, and their use

Marcelle says : "I attended a 2 hour workshop facilitated by Jim and I was convinced by the end of the workshop that The Alexander Technique would help me enjoy my life! I am new to constant busyness (luck was on my side) and my body, mind and spirit are feeling the strain. Jim’s workshop assisted me to connect with my body and move more consciously. This has the effect of relieving stress and I want to learn more so I can incorporate the technique into my daily life".

My clients are aged from teens to 80s, and come from all walks of life.

Evidence that the approach works

Learning Alexander Technique is like learning an instrument or a language. It requires input and persistence - ideally after you stop having lessons too. 

There are a growing number of studies into the effectiveness of Alexander Technique. For example:

  • Neck pain (MacPherson et al. 2015 Annals Internat Med)
  • Back pain (Little et al. Brit Med Journal 2008)
  • Postural co-ordination (Cacciatore et al. 2005 Phys Therapy)

Click here for links to these and many other studies.

The back pain study found that people received lasting benefits from six lessons, but that the benefits continued to grow with 24 lessons. It is your choice, but I do recommend a minimum six lessons.

Fees & Gift Vouchers

As discussed above, I encourage you to have a minimum of six lessons, in order to see real change. You can leave this decision until after the first lesson.

45 - 50 minute sessions - $80. 6 sessions - $400
Concessions available for low-income people and those who don't work full-time

Rates for Skype available on request

Small groups (2-3 people) can be accommodated.

Gift vouchers of 2 - 6 lessons available for that special person.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to organise an appointment or to seek more information.

Phone 0488 956 506 or email

Try a short skype session with me if we can't easily meet.

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