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Jindalee Chiropractic

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Simon Skender
Address 10 b , 1st Floor , Jindalee Professional Centre
6 Jindalee BLV
Jindalee WA 6036
Servicing Areas Jindalee
Phone 08 9562 4445

Come and visit our clinic for no-rush, tailored treatment.
New Patients welcome.

Jindalee Chiropractic

Hands-on manual, and non-manual treatment for:
  • Necks, backs, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrisits, ankles & more!
  • Disc injuries, Sciatica & Scoliosis
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Arthritic pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Pregnancy & birthing issues
Suitable for immediate, short term and long term physical injuries, stress related conditions, and some illnesses.

Available for individual or family consultations, as well as Workers Compensation cases; Pensioner bookings; and DVA.

Unique treatment options available for pregnancy related issues, as well as those experienced by new born babies.

Tailored treatment programs aimed at teenagers to ease common discomforts and ailments associated with general growth, poor posture and stress.

How does chiropractic work, and what sorts of things would I see a Chiropractor for?

Chiropractic is a natural healthcare profession with its basis in the function of the nervous system. Primarily, it is a non-drug therapy intended to treat the source of the pain in an effort to improve mobility – rather than mask symptoms to provide a false sense of recovery.
Specifically, Chiropractors consider the function of your nervous system and how it’s influences the rest of your body. For example, your nervous system has a considerable amount of control over your hormones; thought patterns; and bodily functions – with genetics also playing a significant role. As the nervous system is influenced by the body’s musculoskeletal system, imbalances in your joints, bones or muscles will influence the way you’re nervous system functions, thus having a direct effect on your health.

Chiropractic is often regarded as a ‘pain relieving’ therapy, but it is much more than that. When you consider that pain is the conclusive indicator to bodily disorder (i.e. tooth ache = exposed nerve due resulting from increasing tooth decay) it makes sense to apply therapeutic treatment during the early stages of a condition or better yet, as a means of preventative treatment.

Will treatment hurt?

For the vast majority of the time – no, treatment will not hurt. The high-velocity/ low amplitude adjustments used are often more pain relieving than anything else. Some post treatment discomfort may be experienced, but mores so just from the after effect of having an already inflamed and painful area treatment by manipulation or pressure point therapy. Essentially, patients will leave a treatment session feeling improved.

How long will the treatment take?

At Jindalee Chiropractic, the initial consultation for adults will last 30 minutes and will involve a thorough review of the patient’s history; a physical examination; and diagnosis. In most instances we will also do some hands-on treatment at the initial consultation (unless of course the seriousness of the condition necessitates x-rays or further investigation).
- Thereafter, consultations will last for approximately 10 – 15 minutes, where a greater proportion of time will be dedicated to hands on treatment.

Call us for more information on how our chiropractic treatments and can help, or to book you first appointment today!

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