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The lymphatic drainage is a manual technique with gentle strokes and pumping of an area of the body towards the closest lymph node cluster in the direction of the heart.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - JM Lymphoedema Clinic

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Eatons Hill, Queensland

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The main reasons to receive a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage are:

  • Lymphoedema
  • Postoperative treatment i.e cosmetic surgery, joint replacement, cancer surgery
  • Improve general health


Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Decreases swelling by moving lymph fluid to collateral and viable pathways that have not been damaged or compromised by surgery
  • Accelerates drainage from an area of the body
  • Stops fluid build up and thickening below surgery incision
  • Fasters postoperative oedema and bruising resolution
  • Encourages less visible, seamless and softer scarring
  • Assists in pain management
  • Increases nerve conduction
  • Increases range of movement
  • Reduces risk of infection (cellulitis)
  • Improves the immune system
  • Removes toxins, dead cells, wastes

Postoperative Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is important following surgery to drain and remove:

  • Bruises
  • Fluid in the tissue
  • Dead cells, debris
  • Promote healing
  • Anesthetic when having cosmetic surgery

When to begin Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

    • As soon as possible lymphatic drainage massage can be performed above the area if you are still wearing a bandage because MLDM is performed proximal (near the heart where the fluid returns - to distal (closer to the injured site). We do not massage on or too near to the surgery site to avoid risk of infection


    • When removing absorbent pads after cosmetic surgery usually approximately 1 week following surgery


    • When scab is removed it is then possible to remove the fluid closer to the incision and start gentle techniques to soften the scar


  • How often? 2 to 3 times/week for 3 to 4 weeks

Lymphoedema Management

Lymphoedema is a long term, chronic swelling of an area of the body due to a compromised lymphatic system: i.e. obstruction, damage, genetic malformation or removal of lymph nodes in the lymphatic system.
There is no cure for lymphoedema but it can be controlled with good management (Complex Lymphatic Therapy)

Complex Lymphatic Therapy


Severe lymphoedema: In cases of severe lymphoedema, manual lymphatic drainage massage is performed daily for 2 weeks in conjunction with bandaging to obtain maximum reduction of swelling.

The clinic offers 3 different types of bandaging depending on the severity of swelling and your choice:

  • Short-stretch multilayer
  • Coban2
  • Mobiderm

The three different systems of bandaging produce excellent results and are discussed during the consultation.
Medical Compression Garments control lymphoedema and maintain reduction following bandaging

Self-care program

We teach you a self-care program
According to a recent study, a reduction in lymphoedema achieved from a single course of CLT can be successfully maintained for 5 years without further treatment provided the patient is compliant with a proper self-care program.


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  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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