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Sydney Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Centre

suite 202 Watson House
300 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Servicing area: Sydney CBD & Pennant Hills, New South Wales

Sydney Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Centre

Registered Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Self-hypnosis Teacher. Hypnosis for therapy, energy healing and coaching. Sydney CBD and Hills
Joanna’s skills, experience, powerful methods and open heart will help you to overcome your fears, insecurities, emotional pain, negative thoughts, habits and behavior, to create the desired change and to reach your goals. You will master your new skills by rehearsing them in hypnosis to perfection.

An obligation free, 30 minutes consultation where you can discuss your issues and goals and ask the questions


Joanna Malinowska - Sydney Hypnotherapy Self-hypnosis Centre

From Joanna:
"I had many teachers in my life and I am so grateful to all of them, as they taught me so much, all the skills and techniques and much, much more, because they shared their lives with me, they shared their deepest thoughts and feelings from their hearts and their souls. And as everybody we meet is a teacher, I am especially grateful to my clients and my students, who opened their hearts and taught me who I am. I can only bow to you and say thank you, thank you all, I am proud to be one of you and I am totally committed to pass everything I've learnt from you."


Joanna offers hypnotherapy services in private sessions, with the skillful use of hypnotherapy, NLP, energy healing and other psychotherapy methods applied in hypnosis.

For the detailed information about private hypnotherapy sessions please visit my website
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- Joanna specializes in the fear of flying
Building Confidence
Public Speaking
Quit Smoking
Alcohol Problem
Weight Loss
Eating Disorders
Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders
Stress Release
Anger Management
Pain Control
Tension Headaches
Study & Exams
Dental Fear


Joanna is very dedicated to teaching active self-hypnosis and effective self-hypnosis techniques in private sessions and in small workshops. Joanna is a founder of Sydney Self-Hypnosis Centre and over the years she developed several unique specialized self-hypnosis workshops and courses, aimed at building confidence and motivation, public speaking, effective study and exam anxiety, self-coaching, dealing with stress, creating general wellbeing and weight loss.

Workshops are very popular with clients. Clients love them, because they are fun, relaxing but also very informative and practical. Skills are applied in the class for the immediate results and there are big changes created just in one day.

Real Self-Hypnosis is different from listening to self-hypnosis CDs or learning from a self help book.
Real, active self-hypnosis is very empowering. It is when you access your subconscious resources by yourself and use them to achieve your goals.

The self-hypnosis and workshops are described on my website   The website contains a calendar of all future self-hypnosis workshops and courses, regularly updated

You can enrol into the workshops from my website


Joanna is a Family Constellation facilitator and she runs the Family Constellations workshops about once a month.The work in these workshops is done on the deepest level, as it goes to the roots of our being. It is even more powerful than hypnosis because it accesses more than the subconscious mind.

Joanna recommends this therapy especially to clients who have any relationships issues (all relationships, couples relationships, family issues between parents and children or siblings , and also workplace relationships, friendships ). It is also very helpful for clients with chronic depression and anxiety , people who feel insecure and “not good enough” and for other deeply rooted issues, which can be helped with other therapies, but not really solved. It is very likely that the reasons are deeper, beyond our personal reach, and they can be resolved with Family Constellations.

Joanna is also using the Family Constellations method in private hypnotherapy sessions with similar results, but in the complex situations workshops work better.
For all the details about Family Constellations workshops and the detailed calendar please visit the website If you wish to enrol into the workshop, you can do it online from this website


Joanna offers Slavic energy healing, called Zywia Energy, after the ancient Slavic goddess of healing. The healing is performed in hypnosis for better efficiency and it is very rapid, it takes minutes . Zywia Reiki Energy treatment, when combined with hypnosis, is the most powerful healing treatment to help with any medical condition, with pain control and stress related problems. For more information about Zywia Energy Healing please visit the website


I am a qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist. I have the government accredited qualifications in hypnotherapy. I have acquired skills and expertise in Hypnoanalysis (including Regression, Progression, Dream Therapy and more), Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and NLP. I am qualified Systemic Family Constellations facilitator and self-hypnosis teacher. I have the Reiki Practitioner qualifications (Reiki II) and I have experience with the old traditional Slavic healing method, similar to Reiki.

I am accredited and registered as a clinical member by Australian Hypnotherapists Association . I am also a Registered Professional Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

I enjoy my work. It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction to be able to help people to find their potential and to overcome their issues and problems. And an even greater satisfaction that the methods I am using are so effective. Quite often the issue had affected the client for a long time, for many years, some clients say they always had this problem - yet it can be solved in a few sessions, in a safe and non invasive way.

I am trained in various techniques and I use the one which is most suitable and effective for the client and client's needs. And one of the most important selection criteria is the client's wish. For example, I may think that the solution to the client's issue lays in the past and the best solution would be a hypnoanalytical technique called Regression. But if the client rejects this technique, I would still have a handful of other techniques. All those techniques are very powerful when performed in hypnosis.

When I work with my clients and my students, I am sharing not only my professional knowledge and experience, but also years of rich personal experience, and even the generations of teaching experience from my parents and grandparents. In my life, before committing myself to the hypnotherapy, I had a handful of professions. I started earning my living as a math tutor when I was 14 years old, I have a Master degree in Science, I worked as a high school teacher, I had a successful career in IT. I am a mother and together with my husband we've raised three wonderful young people. I was born in the totalitarian regime and I've spent my formative years on selecting the truth from lies; I had my little part in the underground peaceful freedom movement.

Qualification Details

Master of Science, Gdansk University, Poland
Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Counselling, Academy of Applied Hypnosis Sydney
Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Academy of Applied Hypnosis Sydney
Systemic Family Constellatons Facilitator, trained by Yildiz & Satish Sethi
Registered clinical member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association
Registered professional member of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists


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