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Joanna Bouris Myotherapy

Joanna Bouris

Servicing area: Essendon, Victoria

Joanna Bouris Myotherapy
Solutions for muscular problems

Joanna Bouris Myotherapy

- Joanna Bouris -

Discover a natural and drug free therapy which aims to provide for a more productive life through a greater sense of well-being, enhanced range of movement and athletic performance and speedy recovery from injury.

What is Myotherapy

Myotherapy is the assessment and treatment of muscular conditions causing pain, injury and dysfunction affecting human movement. Myotherapy is applied in the preventive, corrective and rehabilitative phases of therapy to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the soft tissue structure (muscle, tendons, ligaments & fascia) of the human body.

Myotherapy treatment is individualized and can include any of the following modalities:

  • Soft Tissue Manipulation- a technique where various forms of hand pressure and manipulation are precisely applied to muscle and connective tissue (myofascia) in order to increase blood supply, breakdown trigger points (‘knots’), alleviate tension and increase range of movement at affected joints. It can involve the use of gentle or vigorous techniques.

  • Passive or Active Muscle Stretching- passive stretching is performed by the myotherapist with little or no assistance from the patient. It is applied when a patient is unable to carry out the appropriate active stretching because of muscle dysfunction, injury or the location of the affected muscle. Active stretching is performed by the patient. Stretching is used to prevent abnormal muscle tension, increase range of movement, reduce injuries and de-activate trigger points in muscle or fascia (‘connective tissue’).

  • Ischaemic Compression the application of progressively stronger localised pressure on a trigger point in order to increase blood flow, relieve pain and any abnormal muscle contraction (‘tension’).

  • Electromechanical Stimulation- an electrical device applied over the skin used primarily for analgesic effect (‘pain relief’), to reduce abnormal muscle contraction, increase blood flow, or for muscle stimulation at the injured area.

  • Thermal Therapies- cryotherapy is the use of cold packs to slow blood flow to an injured area following trauma and as an analgesic to allow movement of an injured area during rehabilitation. Heat therapy is the use of heat packs to provide soothing and relaxing effect, increase blood flow, metabolism and healing.

  • Dry Needling- use of a sterile needle for therapy of muscle pain and dysfunction. It is a procedure in which a needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point (‘knot in muscle & fascia’).

  • Corrective Exercise- where a patient is informed of the appropriate active stretches, exercises and posture to alleviate pain, strengthen and condition the affected muscles.

  • Education- plays a vital role in ways to correct, prevent and promote active involvement in self-help programs. A patient is informed on the anatomy of the affected area, the mechanisms by which the injury may have occurred, and the biomechanical adjustments to deal with injury.

Joanna’s Mission Statement

I am committed to providing the most appropriate, cost effective treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome for you. I will apply my professionalism, experience, and knowledge as primary contact health care practitioner. In addition, relationships will be developed and based on trust and understanding that I am committed to your welfare. I will encourage you to take control of your own life through education on ways to correct, prevent and promote active involvement in self-help programs.

When Can Joanna Assist You?
  • When pain lasts longer than a few days.
  • When you experience restricted range of movement at a joint.
  • If you are at risk of sports and occupational induced injury.
  • If you suffer from head, neck, shoulder, back, hip or leg aches and strains.
  • If you suffer from chronic conditions affecting mobility.
  • Showing symptoms of pain associated with stress or strain.

Can I Claim Medical Benefits?

Work Cover and a number of health funds accept claims based on myotherapy.

About Joanna Bouris

I am a qualified myotherapist having completed a 3 year associate Diploma of Applied Science in Myotherapy at RMIT in 1993 and an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at RMIT in 2000. I am a registered member of IRMA (Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia). My professional standards are maintained by continuing participation in professional and personal development.

I have worked as a myotherapist for over 19 years. My professional experience includes:
  • Resident myotherapist at a number of fitness centres and clinics including East Keilor Leisure Centre, Avondale Heights Physotherapy, Northern Physiotherapy North Geelong, Belmont Leisure Link Geelong, Hunts Gym, FitaFex Gym, Brighton Myotherapy, Carlton Baths Community Centre, North Melbourne Pool, South Yarra Physiotherapy, Northcote Central Physiotherapy, and Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre.

  • I have worked in corporate environments such as Telstra, CISCO and Minter Ellison Lawyers.

  • Continue to run “Joanna Bouris Myotherapy” my own private practice.

  • I have led and supervised students at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Student Myotherapy Clinic.

  • As a former competitive athlete, I have extensive experience and understanding of the specific needs of athletes. It has made me a more skilful and effective myotherapist. I have treated athletes ranging from a social to national and Olympic level.

  • Extensive corrective work for chronic situations such as the restoration of range of movement and normal muscle contraction, breakdown of scar tissue, and pain relief.

  • Extensive experience with the treatment of occupational neck pain and discomfort, e.g. TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) suffered by dental professionals. I also specialise in the treatment of neck, shoulder and forearm pain.

  • I have also volunteered for various organizations including the Victorian Institute & Australian Institute of Sport, Essendon Athletics & Rowing Club, Essendon Arthritis Self-Help Group, Multiple Sclerosis Victoria and Coburg Community Health Centre.

Qualification Details


Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy RMIT 1997
Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Myotherapy) 1990-1992
Associate Diploma in Science Melbourne University 1988-1990

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