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Jodie Wastell

Jodie Wastell Naturopath

454 Hargreave St Bendigo VIC 3550

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Help Support Your Body Where It Needs It: Learn how herbal medicine can be effective in maintaining good health and preventing illness.

Herbal Medicine

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Bendigo, Victoria

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Facts About Herbal Medicine

It is a well-known fact that we have relied on herbal medicine for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Another fact is that many pharmaceutical drugs are actually derived from different herbs that we use. They are made synthetically from the broken-up components of these herbs.

The problem with synthetically-created pharmaceutical drugs taken from herbs is that they result in side effects because of the lack of the other components they need to deliver healing effects.

Also, herbs do not override any of your body’s systems or pathways. Your body can heal wherever it needs to heal because it provides constant and continuous support.

You can compare taking herbal medicine to giving a car good kinds of oil or petrol. If we do not support our body properly, we cannot function properly.

Herbs can also help your body regulate and support its immune system, adrenal and thyroid function, liver detoxification, gut function, and cardiovascular function.

Herbal medicine can help your mental health as it is pretty amazing in regulating inflammation. Research has found that our brains respond poorly when there is inflammation in our gut. We will feel better mentaly as long as we support our gut health and liver function.

The capabilities of herbal medicine to restore immune function, support our nervous system and just make us feel better is its huge advantage over pharmaceutical drugs.

Also, herbal medicine is safe and nontoxic as well as provides nutrients to our body. 

Hundreds or even thousands of years of clinical trials have shown that herbal medicine can actually help us become well again. 

Only The Highest Quality 

We only use the highest quality of herbs available in the world are Australian owned, and are tested with compliance above pharmaceutical GMP. 

Kerry Bone, the founder of MediHerb, is truly passionate about herbal medicine and is one of the world’s leading herbalists and respected all over the globe.

“Our passion at MediHerb is to unlock the healing power of plants by combining the time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience and the rigour of scientific research”, and we believe and stand by Professor Kerry Bone’s philosophy. 

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