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Jodie Wastell Naturopath

Jodie Wastell

454 Hargreave St
Bendigo VIC 3550

Servicing area: Bendigo, Victoria

Jodie Wastell Naturopath

Take Back Control of Your Health:

Discover how one woman used naturopathy to regain control of her health and well-being

Naturopath, Nutritionist, & Healer

How & Why I Became A Naturopath

There is a reason why we become unwell. Our bodies are trying to tell us that we need to change something. An example would if we are deficient in nutrients, we have to slow down and eat properly.

My name is Jodie Wastell, and I am a naturopath. 

Throughout the 15 years of my practice so far as a naturopath, I have observed people who have turned their whole lives around completely and have taken back control of their health and well-being.

During this time, I have also consulted people who simply just wanted something to make them feel better but were not willing to make changes or be responsible enough to take care of their health. 

Our entire philosophy here in our clinic revolves around our strong beliefs that embracing who you are, learning how to listen to your body, and becoming more aware of what it is trying to tell you.

We also strongly believe that if there is an imbalance between happiness and physical health that how well you eat or how physically fit you are will not matter. Trust me because I learned this lesson the hard way. 

My experience of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome is the reason why I became a naturopath. It began as a glandular fever that progressively got worse. It seemed like no one could help me and antibiotics were the only solution.

During this time, I was studying to be a nurse at university. I forced myself to do it even if it was not my first choice. I also travelled back and forth to Melbourne a few times each week to play netball at a state level. And, I was living the typical uni lifestyle of drinking and partying. 

This dangerous combination took its toll on my body and mind. I was exhausted but I kept on pushing myself. Eventually, my body gave in and I got sick. I realised that if you do not listen to your body, you get more tired.

The healthcare professionals who saw me never said anything about slowing down and resting or watching my diet. This is when I decided to take back control of my own health. I quit nursing, changed my diet, and started taking care of myself. 

What I learned was that it is very easy to lose ourselves and lose sight of what is most important to us and what makes us happy. I learned that HAPPINESS EQUALS WELLNESS.

Our clinic will serve as your guide and support on your journey towards being healthy and happy physically and mentally. 

We aim to provide the ultimate in healing. If you want to be healthier and happier, then here is where you come.

Request your booking now so we can start helping you take back control of your health and well-being.

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