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Jodie Pregnell

Instinctive Minds - Counselling, Stress Management

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Instinctive Minds

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Bayside, Melbourne.

Focus areas

Stress management Interpersonal Anxiety Shame Emotions Fear

Today's hectic life style can take it's toll. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so sometimes we need a hand. An independent support system as such. Jodie focuses on providing therapeutic treatments to people who experience a wide variety of symptoms such as anxiety, stress, sleep-deprivation, relationship difficulties and more. In a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment Jodie actively listens and facilitates your personal and interpersonal functioning so you can best handle your personal issues. Counselling is your time, your session, for you to be heard and accepted for who you are, so you can decide the direction you want to take your life.

Evening & Weekend appointments available

Other then traditional counselling Jodie is passionate about the benefits and principles of The Equilibration Process, a unique technique that helps her clients overcome their inner negative feelings of self.


• Depression, guilt
• Anxiety, stress and fear
• Stuck in the past
• Can't stop thinking about.....
• Anger, loss, hurt or loneliness
• Relationship or work difficulties
• Low self esteem or self confidence
• Overwhelmed by life events

Feeling and thinking like?
• Why do I feel unhappy? I have no reason to be.
• The voice in my head tells me I am worthless, inadequate
• I have difficulties in my relationships
• I am not progressing in life but rather stuck and stagnant.
• I feel burnout
• I am having difficulty in juggling all my responsibilities
• I feel misunderstood by my loved ones and people in general.
• I am miserable but don't know why
• I want more from life but don't know what.

How I can help
Benefits of counselling may include but are not limited to:
• Relief of pain
• Grief
• Reduce of stress
• Self-assurance, Self confidence, Self-esteem
• Manage feelings such as guilt and shame
• Responding and reacting to people in a more beneficial way
• Feeling more at peace, comfortable, or secure in you own skin
• Identifying goals to support the life you want
• Understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses better
• Greater self-fulfillment and awareness
• Changing negative, depressive thoughts and perspective's to more positive, empowering ones

Ever thought about your thoughts? Huh? Got you thinking?
Do you know thoughts can be distorted. Distorted thoughts are not the truth
Do you know that YOU control your thoughts; yes that’s right YOU have the ability to control your thoughts, your thoughts don’t control you.
Have you ever thought about your thoughts?
Why do you produce that style of thought?
How far do you go with that thought?
To change your life you need to change your thoughts.
We teach you to listen to your thoughts rather than simply reacting to your thoughts.

Emotions - Did you know?
Emotions are the result of feelings and you are completely unaware as to how you generate them.
Your emotions can be triggered by feelings, words, pictures and sound that are either real or imagined
Our emotions are part of us but they are not us – We each have the ability to alter our emotion state
What if you had the ability to change your emotional state?
What if you could learn how to manage feelings of shame, guilt etc

What is Counselling?
Counselling is a safe and protected environment for you to feel safe, comfortable and supported while seeking guidance with your concerns, problems, worries and fears. Counselling covers many issues besides emotional difficulties, counselling can address confidence concerns, behaviour patterns and any other experience that is causing you personal distress or worry. Jodie's philosophy is to support you unconditional in a caring and efficient way, empowering you to gain insight, understanding and acceptance of yourself and your concerns. We work together as a team in a collaborative environment creating active steps to help you overcome any thoughts, emotions, feelings and assumptions that are influencing your life with negative consequences.

Different types of counselling
Some people may just wish to have an independent person outside of their life (the counsellor) to talk to about their problems, to feel listened to, heard and acknowledged, this approach normally use's a person-centered methodology.

Others seek to come to counselling to gain new techniques and tools to help them over-come their problems. They find that their continued behavior seems to be having consequences on their life that are taking a toll. Mental, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, health and other life area's may be suffering. That underneath their veneer there is an increasing in tension. There are many beneficial therapies such as CBT, Gestalt, Solution-Focused, Narrative, Behavioral etc that can be implemented to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Interested but feeling resistant?
When you decide to change you are going into unknown territory – you’re internal asking yourself, could it help my life to become better or worse. The answer is no-one can answer that question for you. Belief and faith in yourself and you will always be safe and secure in who you are.


Jodie knows the important of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist and is always more then happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have in finding the right counsellor for you.

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