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Joanne Gillard

Jo Gillard


Joanne Gillard

Awaken The Light In You

Joanne Gillard


Welcome, I’m Jo

I’m a certified Beautiful You Life and Spirituality Coach and Craniosacral Therapist on a mission to Simplify Spirituality.

I work with awakening women, guiding them to deeply know themselves, connect with their soul’s path and live their truth.

Energetically I create a sacred space and intuitively support you to connect to your inner voice and draw upon your inner knowing.

I am also a Craniosacral Therapist. This is a gentle yet powerful therapy that works in partnership with your whole system: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Read more about Craniosacral Therapy here.

My Story

I’ve often felt like an outsider, not quite fitting in, like I was in the wrong tribe. I am unwilling to agree with convention if it doesn’t feel right, but often struggle to express why. Intuitive ‘knowing’ isn’t easy to explain. Is this something you experience too?

My Mum was a psychologist, and I grew up with access to her ever-expanding library of self-help books. These opened my mind to ideas that weren’t taught at school.

I devoured many of these books, but it was a novel called The Celestine Prophecy that drew me in. It’s a book I still have on my shelf today! It speaks of being guided by synchronicities, seeing energy fields and raising our vibrations. For me this book was not fiction – I had a deep inner knowing there was truth in it.

I wanted to know more, I wanted it to be real, but I didn’t find the right teacher. I knew what I didn’t want to do – including all the mainstream careers I was aware of – but I didn’t know what I did want to do.

Unable to decide for myself, I followed my cousin into a Commerce degree. I knew this wasn’t my road but without an alternative, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant. At work, I met my future husband, a Brit who led me to London-town.

A new pathway opens

As I walked London’s streets, many would radiate and light up, something described in The Celestine Prophecy. I knew I was in the right place, but my corporate work was so uninspiring. Can you relate to this feeling?

Synchronicity finally led me to a beautiful healing modality called Craniosacral Therapy and I signed up to complete my training with the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London.

The training was therapeutic and I began to reconnect to something deep within. Tuning in to subtle energies in clients as well as connecting to deep Universal tides opened a mysterious, unseen world.

This time it was real, I could feel the energy with my own hands. I knew the truth that we are all energy and all connected. I had found a new path and felt deeply aligned.

And then I lost it…

My first child was born just after I graduated and years flew by. I was lost again, this time in motherhood. Our second arrived and London lost its shine. I dragged my highly ambitious husband back to ‘small’ Australia.

It was in my hometown of Melbourne, with everything I thought I wanted, that I realised just how lost I was. I was a stay-at-home mum but felt exhausted and overwhelmed. How could I find enough energy for my kids, my husband, myself and my clients?

Frustration and resentment built to stress and anxiety, and too often I became the ‘screaming banshee’ mama. This was not the positive parenting mum I wanted to be!

Every day felt the same, going through the motions, simply existing – and not happily. I asked myself: is this it? Is this my life? The years loomed ahead and all looked the same… I wanted more, but how?

The Universe provided and the teachers came

I have many guiding lights that appeared in the next stage of my journey, and I am very grateful for these.

During this stage, I certified as a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). This was an incredible experience and helped me find the confidence to put myself out there, as well as guiding me to build a business I am passionate about that allows me to live life on my own terms.

In parallel, I completed Belinda Davidson’s The School of the Modern Mystic, which deepened my knowledge of chakras and mindfulness, and facilitated so much personal healing and growth. It allowed me to get my own energy sorted so that I have ‘enough’ for my clients.

My true awakening began as I connected to:

  • Clearing clutter, busyness and noise. To hear the voice within, I needed outer calm.

  • Meditation and mindfulness. To trust the voice within, I needed inner peace.

I believe…

Major global energetic shifts are happening.

More light is filtering in and we are seeing that brighter light illuminates darker shadows.

We can all be filled with light; and by radiating and illuminating we become facilitators of change in the world.

It starts with individuals, each of us a tiny ripple in a giant ocean – but ripples spread…

Finding and connecting to our own unique Spirituality doesn’t need to feel like ‘something else I have to do’; instead it shows us a new way to be, a new way to live.

We CAN create deep, meaningful change – and keep it simple.


Coaching Services

Are you dreaming of a more soulful life? A life that feels true to your highest self, aligned, connected and joyful without having to turn your whole world upside down?


Simply Soulful Coaching sessions offer you time and space to dedicate to your soul’s journey. Safe and sacred, free from judgement or expectation, inviting in your highest self.

You will explore your relationship with your Self, learning to trust, connecting within, honouring any blocks or fears as they arise. In this deep, soul-connected place you will gain clarity of your values and create a vision of how you want to live your life.

Explore options for living aligned with your truth and your highest potential. Fully embody your beautiful, spiritual, soulful self. Should fears and resistance arise, together we will see and hear them with presence and mindfulness. This allows the energy to shift and transform, they lose their power, light falls into the shadows.

When you know, trust and honour your highest self, your Universal connection, your oneness with all that is, life begins to transform around you – as if by magic.

My promise to you is that I will keep it simple and manageable. Deep connection and meaning can be found without turning your world upside down.

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CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy, or CST, is a gentle yet powerful light-touch healing modality. It offers a safe, sacred space where the whole person is honoured, held and heard.

By trusting the body’s own wisdom and ability to heal itself, CST supports healing on many levels.

Read more

Become a Coach

Beautiful You Coaching Academy*

Training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was a totally life-changing experience.

I did look at other coaching training courses, but as soon as I was recommended Beautiful You I knew I had found the perfect course for me.

Their incredible heart centred approach for coaching is felt throughout the course; from the amazing trainers, in the materials, as well as the beautiful fellow attendees that are attracted to the course.

I enjoyed this course so much and I highly recommend it for anyone considering Coaching as a career.

Book a FREE Discovery Call with me to find out more.

Bonus Gift

If you sign up to study with Beautiful You using my affiliate link I offer a bonus of a free 6 session coaching series worth $1333.

Click here to read more about coaching with me.

*Please note this is an affiliate link, should you sign up to learn to coach with Beautiful You I will receive a commission.

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