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John Alietti

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John is a Muscle therapist Since 1996.


He specialises in the treatment of Back & Hip Pain, Neck & Shoulder Problems.

John Alietti Muscle Therapist

Having had Back and Shoulder problems himself for many years without satisfactory treatments available, he decided to study all aspects of these problems to come up with a range of Modalities to best treat these quickly and effectively.

Because he treats the Dysfunction not the symptoms, the treatment is more thorough.

The "Hidden Cause" of Back Pain...
There's a hidden cause of back pain... it's something very few medical or healthcare professionals are even aware of... If they were, they wouldn't be treating conditions.
Instead, they'd be identifying and addressing what brought about the condition in the first place.

For example, if you were diagnosed with a herniated disc, instead of just treating the symptoms, they should be finding out what caused the disc to herniate to begin with.

Back pain does not happen overnight...
While the pain may appear suddenly, the fact is the problem has been developing for months or more likely, years.

The reason you have back pain is because your body and spine have been pulled out of their normal position and into what we call dysfunctions.

If you are like most people, you move around and live your life without ever being aware that you are forcing your body to work with these dysfunctions, and sooner or later your body breaks down.

As you can imagine, it doesn't take long before this results in pain. It's very important to understand though, that these dysfunctions don't just appear out of nowhere we create them!

Physical dysfunctions develop over time and are the direct result of imbalances between various muscle groups, what we call "muscle imbalances".

Did you know that while you may feel pain in your back, the actual cause of the pain could be the front of your thighs? For example, an imbalance between the muscles of the thighs can pull your pelvis and spine out of position and this dysfunction can quickly cause all sorts of problems.

Back pain begins with muscle imbalances that over time create a dysfunction. Your body is then forced to work each day with this dysfunction and eventually this creates a condition, like a herniated disc for example.

Muscle Imbalances Are The"Hidden Cause" of Nearly Every Case of Back Pain and Sciatica...

What the heck is a muscle imbalance you ask? When a muscle or group of muscles overpowers the opposing muscle(s), you have a muscle imbalance. Think of it as a Tug-of-War.

When your muscles are out of balance they pull your bones and joints out of their normal position and this places them under constant and uneven stress. When muscle imbalances pull your spine and body out of alignment, the level of stress on certain muscles, bones and joints increases.

And even the smallest muscle imbalance can over time pull you out of balance and place tremendous amounts of uneven pressure and wear and tear on your body... especially the vertebrae, discs, spine and its supporting muscles.

Don't put up with constant pain, most body aches and pain are generated in the muscle structure and are treatable.

Call John NOW on 0428 773 525 for an Appointment and especially before you decide on an operation.

Mrs Suzanne from Bunbury says.....Having suffered back and neck problems all my adult life, I have tried all manner of treatments most of which had a small amount of success. Then I had been recommended by a friend to see John and although sceptical decided to try him out of sheer desperation.
That was nearly two years ago and since then my total quality of life has improved dramatically.
John is Totally professional at all times and unlike many other treatments I have had, individualizes each treatment to the problem at hand"

Patricia of Gelorup says.....Because of a riding accident I have suffered back pain for 23 years.Our Golf Pro recommended John and after my third visit I noticed such a vast improvement, I have visited John five times in all and my quality of life has improved for me beyond belief.....

"You may not remember me," says Penny B...."I came to see you for a bad back, I have been back in Canberra for nearly a year and seen about 6 different therapists, most associated with the Australian Institute of Sport or Official Masseurs of Major National Teams, none of them were nearly as proficient and effective as you.
Anyway thanks again for all your help!"

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