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Lila Chance
Servicing area: CURRIMUNDI, Queensland

Open your heart fully to embrace your true authentic self...reclaim a healthy, successful and fulfilled life. Embrace your Greatness and step into a deeper quality of life and existance. Shine your light and raise your vibration.



Hi and welcome to my page. I have been a Practitioner in the health industry for over 15years. I am passionate in facilitating positive changes to my clients. My aim is to inspire growth in various areas of each person so they can shine their light (the light of their soul) into the world and deepen their existance as they then help raise others up by just holding their light. I look forward to working with you soon. Let's let go of just surviving and now choose to THRIVE.


Gently release old patterns and embrace a new, healthy, vibrant way of living. Restore balance to your body's energy systems and return to the synchronistic flow. Be connected once again. Feel whole once again.

Healing sessions are tailored to each individual and completed in a holistic manner. Your environment (home, workplace, family, partner) may be integrated into the session allowing all aspects of your life to be in alignment with each balance. This assists in permanent corrections being accepted harmoniously into each being - mind, body and soul. Emotional release can in itself bring profound changes by freeing the body, mind or soul to a peaceful state so you may continue on your journey once again.

Balancing areas:

  • Structurally: Crainial bones,  Neck/ Back/Pelvis alignment, Lymphatics.
  • Physiological/Biochemical:  Nutitional absorbtion issues, Digestive Issues, Endocrine Balancing, Leaky Gut, Histamine issues, Hormones, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Liver Toxicity, Metabolism (Weight issues),Vagal Nerve Clearing, Anxiety, Depression, Nutrition balancing to support healing, Estrogen toxicity. Epigenetic expression - reducing stress in the body to enable healthy expression of your genes. Adrenal function - burnout.
  • Karma: Resolve 'why' events from the past block you from moving forward. DNA and soul clearing.
  • Energy:  Auric Fields, Chakras, Meridians,  Spiritual Energy Centres - clear the blocks and restore function.

Be empowered to overcome any obstacle, restore energy, vitality and peace of mind gently.

Kinesiology is non-invasive and uses the art of gentle muscle monitoring to access information about a person's well-being. Western techniques and Eastern wisdom combine to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. By identifying the elements which inhibit the body's natural internal energies and then releasing them, each individual has the enhanced potential to heal themselves.

Beneficial for all people of all ages including pregnancy, babies, and elderly.

Treatments can Include

  • Energy Healing (Reiki /Pellowah)
  • Access Bars Consciousness
  • Acupressure
  • Aura Balancing
  • Chakra Balancing (major, minor or celestial)
  • Cranial Kinesiology
  • ESR (Emotional Stress Release)
  • Feng Shui/Space Clearing
  • Flower Essences
  • Fractal Art/Essence Healing
  • Essence of Angels
  • Intuitive Healing and Guidance
  • Kinesiology
  • Neuro Lymphatics
  • Belief Upgrade
  • Nutrition
  • Sound: Tibetan Singing Bowl, symbols

Please wear comfortable clothing where leg or arm movement is unrestricted. This will enable effortless muscle moitoring. Initial treatment is for an hour and a half with follow-ups of one hour only if required.

Initial appointment 1.5hrs $110
Follow up appointment 1 hour $75
Children 0-8 30min $45

Qualification Details

  • Level 5 Kinesiology Professional Practitioner 
  • Level 2 Pellowah Practitioner
  • Level 2 Reiki Seichim Practitioner
  • Essence of Angels Practitioner
  • Access Bars Facilitator 

Modalities include:

  • Touch For Health
  • Brain Formatting
  • Neural Organisational Technique
  • Neuro Spiritural Intergration
  • Crainial Kinesiology
  • Primitive Reflexes/Learning Difficulties
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Essence of Angels
  • Reiki Seichim
  • Access Bars
  • Pellowah
  • Neuroenergetic Kinesiology
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Qualification Details

Kinesiology Professional Practitioner with AKA (Level 5)
Pellowah Level 2
Reiki Seichim Level 2
Access Bars Level 1
Essence of Angels Practitioner with ULT

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Light and energy filter down through our chakras connecting us above and below.DoTerra Rollers, carry with you as a supportive tool.