Jo Solomon

Jo Solomon

79 Strong rd
She Oaks VIC 3331

Servicing area: Servicing Geelong & Districts and the Surfcoast

Helping You Find Happiness

Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Therapeutic Massage
Mindfulness & Meditation
Relaxation Classes
Hatha Yoga

About Me

Hi, I’m Jo Solomon thanks so much for checking me out. For over 10 years I've been helping people move towards ever increasing expeiences of happiness through psychotherpay, massage, yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance.

I’m a Soul Focused Psychotherapist trained in Meditation & Mindfulness, Hatha Yoga and in Therapeutic Massage. But for me its not just about the training ive done - its more about the personal journey thats got me to be the therapist I am today.

I've totally transformed my life from  place of misery and wanting to die, to a place of consistent joy, gratitude and vitality. I'm a wonderful work in progress doing the deep innner work exploring levels of consciousness in myself, to better able to help you free yourself from your minds entrapments.

Let me guide you towards a better experience of life with integrity, authenticity and compassion.

My Passion…

Is to find the highest level of consciousness and wellbeing I can, and through this experience guide you to do the same.

Over the last ten years I’ve helped many people do this and I’d love the opportunity to help you.

I can help you to:

  • Love yourself! Or at least move towards liking yourself more completely.
  • Change behaviours that no longer work for you (eg: smoking, over eating, addictions and compulsions etc)
  • Change stories in your head that hold you back (eg: negativity, fear, judgement, self sabotage etc)
  • Connect more deeply in your personal and work relationships<.li>
  • Help you move forward in life
  • Find clarity and achieve your goals
  • Reprogram your body and mind
  • Connect more deeply with your Higher Self and deepen your Spirituality
  • Become more aware of your Lower Self
  • Find a diet regime that is right for you
  • Understand that you are a complex being with many layers
  • Connect more deeply with your Higher Self and deepen your Spirituality
  • Refer you to other practitioners as needed for your wellness

How do I help you?

My approach is unique in that I offer a blend of therapies utilising my personal journey and all the modalities i have trained in over the last 15 years. This covers healing for all of you — Mind, Body and Soul.

  • Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Yoga/Relaxation Classes
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Therapeutic Massage

All of these therapies are described within this site, along with other modalities not mentioned here. Please follow the navigation bars on the upper left to access this information.


  • Soul Focused Psychotherapy $100 per hour 
  • Weekly Meditation Class $15
  • Relaxation Classes $20
  • Casual Yoga Classes $17
  • Therapeutic Massage (currently not offering this service, will advise when back in practice)

Call me now to find out how I can guide you towards increasing inner peace and happiness. 0438828042

Qualification details

  • Therapeutic Massage: Australian College of Massage
  • Reiki First & Second Degree and Seichim with Wayne Linton Reiki Master.
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner: Tad James Co.
  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner: Tad James Co.
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Coach: Tad James Co.
  • Advanced Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy: College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy Geelong.
  • Diploma of Hatha Yoga: Sally Louise Yoga Torquay.

Jo Solomon - I Can Help You to Change Your Life