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Welcome to Journey with Mel! My business is all about supporting people with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The healing journey is not easy and you don't have to do it alone.

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Journey With Mel

Preston (however I do offer remote sessions)

Contact: Melanie Paoliello

Phone: 0413 226 688

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I specialise in the following areas to create a holistic approach for the needs of my clients;

Energy Healing

Energy Healing involves removing energy blockages, clearing your chakras and removing past life blockages. This form of healing promotes spiritual growth, physical, mental and emotional harmony. $100 per session (1hr)

Spiritual Healing

This session as well as providing Energetic Healing, also involves receiving messages from your guides, loved ones, Angelic realm and/or Ascended Masters as part of the healing. $100 per session (1hr)

Distant Energy Healing

This session allows you to be anywhere in the world as it is done remotely. It is a very potent clearing and balancing healing. It involves you lying down if possible for an hour whilst the healing takes place and I call to discuss what has come up during the session for 30 minutes. I am able to email details if that is a preferred. Session is 1.5 hours and costs $140.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is gentle light touch therapy suitable for all ages and conditions. It allows the clients body to facilitate its own healing process whilst being held in a safe space. It is a profound modality that works to calm and balance the nervous system and works with your body on levels. Sessions are 1 hour and cost $100.


Reiki is a Japanese natural healing method where Universal Life Energy (known as chi) is transmitted via the practitioner’s hands to the client to assist in promoting harmony, health and releasing energy blockages. It is a relaxing and gentle process to bring balance to your life. $100 per session (1hr)

Meditation Classes

These classes are designed for people who want to learn and explore meditation and enhance their own intuition along the way.

Classes are via Zoom on a Tuesday evening at 8pm to 9.15pm and run fortnightly. Cost is $20.

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