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Journey into Tantra

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Journey into Tantra with Lisa Naylor 

Journey into Tantra - Tantra Healing

Tantra Healing

Session 1: Ruby

This is the simple teaching of tantra from different perspectives such as Tao, Hindu, and Buddhist Tantra. The core principles are taught so that you can begin your practice of Tantra immediately.

Session 2: Emerald

This session is designed to help your practice moving your sexual energy to higher centres for creating full-body energy orgasms, from the very first session. Now you get to experience the Tantric An Mo Massage.

Tantra Session 3: Diamond

You have no experienced the BLISS that is achievable incorporating Tantric practices in your life. This time you will learn on props how you can conduct An Mo Massage plus healing genital massage!

For more information about Tantric Healing, view our website, send us an email or give us a call

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