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Integrated Multi-modality Energy Healing

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Infertility Reproduction Pain relief Athletic enhancement Regression therapy Energetic medicine

It takes a lot of energy to age. People often are surprised to find out how old I am, to that I respond "It takes too much energy to age, I'd rather spend it on something else." It might seem normal to have all sorts of bodily dysfunctions as you grow older, because 'everyone else is like that'; it's simply not true.
Ageing is a result of the amount of crap your body is taking in vs how much it's able to process and let go. The more crap you put in, the more energy is needed to process it. Gradually, it had to shut down more and more 'departments' in order to preserve energy for the core functions. Extremities are much less important than the heart for example, as far as the body is concerned, so it's quite common to shut those down first. Brain isn't half as important either, because the body is concerned about keeping itself afloat, intellect isn't top of the list.

So what are these crap? And why are we doing it to ourselves? They are the unnecessary remnants of your journey into this life, and probably previous ones. We have not been taught to resolve emotions in school, or life, so we carry them with us unconsciously, which costs a lot of energy. Some of them are inherited from your parents/ancestors, some are picked up from your close relationships, some are accidents/environmental, they can be from anywhere really, but ultimately, you are responsible for it: it's your body after all.

We start with little seedlings of blocks (because we came in to experience this world, we needed something to direct our journey), and as we move through life and get triggered, they snowball and eventually manifest into physical dysfunctions. Or you have an accident on the physical body, it would of course cut off the qi of the energy body, and you have secondary issues as time goes by.

I'm supposed to write about my business here, not metaphors about the world, so here it goes:
We work through your baggage, all the way back to the very origin, so that the energy is freed up for other things I'm sure you are more interested in, such as repairing your body. And in the process, I aim to teach you how not to repeat the patterns so you don't come back to see me for the same issue. While I greatly appreciate repeated business (got to eat somehow!), I do take pride in fixing people up well and maybe only have revisits once every few years.

Ready when you are :)

In terms of psychic abilities, I'm mainly a medical intuitive: I can tell you what is not working in your body and what it needs to fix it. We can go all the way down to the chromosome level to look for information, or all the way up to your soul purpose (which is different to life purpose). It's a different type of psychic reading, I concern myself with your physical health, not how to become more abundant (unless it's the reason that you are not well physically, then we'll definitely need to dive into that). And what else might interest you is I had worked as a very successful software engineer for years before this chapter of my journey unfolded. One of my previous employers had always said I seem to know what they needed before they came to ask me every time. It still amuses me to this day.


5 Services

Energy Healing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Energy Healing
$80 Per session

Resolve bodily dysfunctions by directly connect to your quantum field, work through blockages and restore your energy/qi flow.

Spiritual Regression

Hypnotherapy Holistic Counselling
$80 Per hour

We can regress/progress to any point in time, or whatever references are used if time isn't your thing. Life between lives can take up to three hours, it is advised to have some prior vanilla sessions to build up to it.

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  • Certified Hynotherapist
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Engineering

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  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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