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Joy Transformational Life Coaching

Brett Gornall


Joy Transformational Life Coaching

“Your thought’s are like the rudder in a ship, it guides you through life; and if you can learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way through life much more better than you ever imagined.”

Joy Transformational Life Coaching


My vision is to spread the understanding of the Three Principles of mind consciousness and thought, to as many people as possible in the world. To be part of a revolution in thought impacting far and wide and through the media. Playing a part in a shift of global consciousness, and helping people to experience more joy, peace, understanding and love. This includes coaching 1 to 1, group coaching, online coaching, coaching people to coach and humorous media appearances with insights in to the human experience. Humanity is currently at a crossroads where mental health and stress is at an all time high. We are the agents of change working and shifting us from caterpillars to butterflies.


People are spending entire lifetimes with a misunderstanding of goals that they think will lead them to a joyous life. People seek joy, clarity and wisdom through money, sex, drugs, work and other external stimulants

The problem with this, is not recognising that our most important feelings and emotions like Joy, fulfilment, peace and love are innate intelligence in every one of us.

Joy is inside us all and instead of chasing and finding joy through things, find and learn how to reach our own internal joy

Client Outcome

  • Clear emotional baggage and experience more presence

  • Create healthier and more fulfilling personal and romantic relationships

  • Find suitable businesses or careers based on personality strengths that get you in your flow

  • Learn to express your impulses day to day, to experience more joy and deep connection instead of suppressing our impulses and losing parts of selves.

  • Learn to Express emotions and needs.

  • Learn self love and to be whole.

  • Destroy Fear and Social Anxiety and become much more connected to the world

  • Learn to become more authentic.

  • How to feel so good in yourself everyday that you get natural highs of ecstasy.

  • How to become less stressed and more productive.

  • Embody your inner child

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Monday to Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm

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