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John Geddes Pharmacy Health Food Store

Shop 19 / 20 Ocean Village, Rajah Rd
Ocean Shores NSW 2483

Servicing area: Ocean Shores, New South Wales

John Geddes Pharmacy Health Food Store

John Geddes Pharmacy Health Food Store

John Geddes Pharmacy employs 3 naturopaths. The naturopaths and pharmacists work closely together to ensure that the best health care is given to each patient. Each of our naturopaths has his/her own speciality health care areas so a wide group of health concerns are covered. Nutrition is a very strong component of advice and care.

The pharmacy has a new consulting room, herbal dispensary and is moving into compounding and encapsulating. Creams and teas are a speciality.

Organic bulk and packaged foods are a highlight of the pharmacy.

James Nash
B. H. Sc. (University New England) Dip Bot. Med. (A.C.N.T.Surry Hills)
Works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and every second Tuesday.

James enjoys working in the areas of menís health, digestive disorders, auto-immune conditions and musculo-skeletal disorders. His strengths include herbal medicine, nutrition and ayurvedic counselling. He believes that menís health in particular requires greater emphasis in this day and age.

Paul Gallaher
B.Nat. (Southern Cross Uni.)
Works every week day.

Paul has workied as a dispensing naturopath and
is interested in sleep, anxiety and digestive disorders and muscle/joint pain. His specialities include herbal medicine, homoeopathy, nutrition and complementary medicine and relaxation massage.

Brett Daniel

BNat(Southern Cross Uni.)
Works every Monday and Friday.

Brett has been working since 2002 as a consultant in health food stores. He joined the Ocean Shores team in 2007. Brett's main areas of interest are in herbs, in particular relation to the nervous and respiratory systems, nutrition and body work.

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John Geddes Pharmacy Health Food Store