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Kerry McDonald

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Jsarnee Professional Counselling

Welcome to Jsarnee Professional Counselling. Kerry McDonald is a dedicated and caring Counsellor who is passionate about helping her clients to achieve a greater sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Jsarnee Professional Counselling

With all the developments that have occurred in our daily lives since the advent of COVID19, our understandings of the importance of building and maintaining our immune system has been made evident.
Never before in our life time have we seen such a threat, therefore it is vital that we take heed of the necessity to support our immune system so that it is capable and in the best possible condition to support us when the need arises.
The threat that COVID may be under control now, however we must accept and prepare our bodies for future threats of this nature.
I can offer you much knowledge, which will enable you to so easily and very deliciously assist you to build and develop your own personal immune system in a very natural and healthy way.
It is time to strengthen your body for the possibility of future threats of this kind.
  • Build your body's natural immunity in a safe, healthy, natural and cost effective way.
  • I can explain to you how over the past 7 decades our body's immunity's have been slowly broken down and eroded through the degradation of our incredibly important microbiome.
  • I can explain to you why this has been happening, so you can better understand the importance of taking these very necessary steps.
  • I can show you how you don't have to be paying ongoing exorbitant costs for some products that are presently being offered to you in the form of mass produced probiotic preparations. Some of which are heavily laced with sugar and other unnecessary additives, and some, which are certainly not worth your hard earned money.
  • If you adopt some simple suggestions as regular practices, you can be better prepared for future health challenges, just like this present challenge that has been put before us.
You can learn how to reduce your level of susceptibility to this and many other health difficulties.
Join me, on a learning journey that is destined to be
your primary position of power, in the fight against microbial & viral threat.

About Us

Kerry is caring and committed and is a genuine counsellor who offers a non-judgemental and compassionate therapeutic space where you can feel safe and supported whilst working through personal difficulties.

Kerry dedicates herself to facilitate the best possible outcomes for her clients by developing a deep understanding of the individual’s uniqueness and their situation. Kerry is passionate about helping her clients to develop their own confidence, strengths, and sense of self-worth to gain positive input into their lives.

Offering a holistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, I provide a range of services including:

  • General Counselling
  • Trauma & Phobia Recovery
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Grief & Loss Counselling
  • Nutritional Counselling

Whatever your situation is, it is very important that you know that you are not alone, there is help out there.


“So deeply in gratitude to all of those reaffirming gifts.

​You have heard it before, but do know and accept please, how the instillation of those qualities you worked with during our influential communication sessions serve me so beautifully now. So very powerful and so often reinforced in my contact with people now.  So very potent those influences.

Please accept the gratitude Kerry and embrace the quality of your efforts.

Truly amazing and wonderful in their effectiveness. The words keep coming back to me from outside sources in the most lovely ways and disempower completely the restraining efforts of Susan.

What a great relief.”

“Writing this email to you is yet another example of me finding the courage to be true to myself - something which keeps coming up for me and which we were talking about in my last session. I believe that you have helped me greatly with developing the confidence to do this.

Since meeting you I have continued to rave to my friends about what a wonderful Counsellor you are, and I want to thank you for the ongoing support, patience, gentleness and wisdom you have always displayed during our sessions. 

I would like to think that I could contact you in the future if I wanted to have some further Counselling.”

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give me a call or visit my website.