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Juanita Isbester

Hurstville NSW 2220

Juanita Isbester

Be the Positive example to your kids, as the best version of yourself. Mama...Gain Clarity amongst the chaos…Release harboured emotions...Relax with "me time"…Replenish health and wellness…. Reconnect To loving thy Self…. Feel a sense of Inner Peace

Juanita Isbester

About Me

Hello, my name is Juanita and I am a certified Mind-Body Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach and I am a mother of one and (soon to be two). I absolutely love being able to live out my life’s passion and natural gifts on a daily basis; helping others through Holistic Therapies and sharing with mums a fresh perspective.

I have the capacity to empathise and intuitively feel the needs and energy of those around me. I truly understand the struggle of balancing the roles that we play as women being a partner, daughter, sister, self-employed, friend etc. myself, but no role can bring about the crazy mix of emotions that being a mother can.

If you are sick and tired of living in a life that feels like a constant 24/7 rat race, join forces with me! I will help you to embrace your obstacles and challenges so that they work for you and not against you. Don’t allow your subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs, and energy blockages control your life anymore.

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