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Judy Herreen

Judy Herreen

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Judy Herreen is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Virtual Gastric Band practitioner, and Counsellor and has run her own private practice for more than 20 years.

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Malvern East, Victoria

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I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, as well as the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, and I'm bound by their code of ethics.

The range of concerns I have effectively dealt with over the past 20 years has been, and continues to be, far-ranging, as are the challenges that life presents to us all:

  • Some clients need help dealing with the “difficult people” in their lives (we all have these!)
  • Some need to manage other relationships, for example their relationship with food, or with their mood (be it anxious or “down”, or both)
  • Some need help to solve a problem, such as how to speak confidently in public
  • Others need to learn how to make better decisions (so that they don’t end up with the same abusive partner as last time, or in the same dead-end job, for example)
  • Many clients need help to resolve internal conflicts which can sabotage their best efforts to make changes in their lives
  • Others need help in motivation, either needing to “get going”, or to “stay on track” when embracing change and committing to important goals (such as health and fitness)
  • Many need help to release old patterns, such as
    • beliefs that they are past their use-by date, particularly those beliefs around what they can/can’t, or should/shouldn’t do)
    • old habits which no longer serve their minds or bodies
    • old phobias which they need to outgrow
  • Some need help in releasing past hurts and painful memories, which can cast a shadow over both the present and the future.

In recent years, a higher proportion of my clients have sought help to deal with anxiety.

NLP and hypnosis are powerful tools for helping people with all of these challenges.

But above all, I have found that each client brings to the therapy relationship his or her own unique way of experiencing their “problem” – which is why the “one-size-fits-all programmes” definitely do not fit everyone.

Many people are hurt by what they don’t know, and therefore teaching life skills and hypnotically embedding these skills is an important part of my approach to therapy.

My approach is a simple one: I work with each client as an individual to identify what it is they are missing, and then help them remember and re-connect with who they can be.



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