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Judy Jacka Natural Therapies

4 Joseph Crt
Park Orchards VIC 3114

Servicing area: Park Orchards, Victoria

Judy Jacka Natural Therapies
We find that using natural therapies to restore our clients to health is a rewarding career and practice. Judy has many second generation clients. She enjoys creating a synthesis of treatment which might include vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy plus in some cases Bowen therapy. Esoteric or Energy healing is usually enjoyed by most clients. Below is a short history of Judy's career.

Judy Jacka Natural Therapies


My career commenced with general nursing training at Prince Henry’s Hospital. I also did two years laboratory work firstly at the Royal Women’s hospital and then at St Vincent’s hospital. These five years in hospital work enabled me to have a good balance when later studying natural therapies at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT).


After receiving a diploma at SSNT, I began my clinical practice and at the same time began helping to build up the curriculum of SSNT with medical sciences to balance the naturopathic content. I became the principal of the school for seventeen years and in the mid 1990’s we became the first naturopathic college to receive degree accreditation from the Victorian State Government.

Clinical Practice

My central interest in clinical practice is to restore health to my clients using a synthesis of minerals, herbs, homeopathy and flower essences – see naturopathic tab. To assist in balancing the body energies I sometimes include Bowen therapy and usually add a form of subtle healing called Esoteric Healing (EH) - see Esoteric Healing tab. You can also undertake a course in EH with me.

Helping Children

I have a particular interest in treating children so that they may have health throughout their lives. This means helping with nutrition and with food allergies, fears and phobias, attention disorders and a wide range of health problems.

40 Years of Practice has not diminished the joy of watching people become restored to health. You may book an initial consultation with me for $70.

My Published Books

A-Z of Natural Therapies
During my naturopathic career, I have written a number of books including the best selling A-Z of Natural Therapies which was also published in USA, UK, India, Greece and Portugal with sales of 60,000 in total. Now in a third edition, this book can be used to explore over 100 common ailments and their description from both a medical and naturopathic viewpoint. Treatment is described for each disorder, featuring in most cases, a synthesis of mineral, vitamins, herbs and homeopathy. Included in the book are case histories in relation to each ailment.

Meditation - The Most Natural Therapy
This book contains simple meditation outlines to produce relaxation, focus, wellbeing and energy. Also featured are the seven states of consciousness related to the seven planes, plus the seven energy centres in the human body related to the endocrine system. There are sections about healing and the role of those subtle intelligences called devas or angels.

The Vivaxis Connection
During the 1980's an amazing woman called Frances Nixon taught me about the connection between the human energy field and that of the earth. She pioneered the finding and use of energy flows which we can find on the surface of the earth - flows that can be used for healing purposes. I have adapted her method of diagnosis to check all the organs and tissues of my clients and to restore the energy field of the client.

Natural Therapies - The Politics and Passion
Many people do not know the history of natural therapies in Australia. This book covers the major events especially from 1961 until the end of the century. During this time the government endeavoured to confine and restrict natural therapies in a series of political dramas. This book demonstrates that the 'price of freedom is eternal vigilance.' The book is both my personal and professional story in relation to the practice of natural therapies.

Synthesis in Healing
The aim of this book is to show how I blend natural therapies with the Esoteric Healing. There are some simple healing techniques for the reader to use plus detailed information about each of the energy centres or chakras and their use in the healing process. Illustrations are included of the special visualisation process used to create triangles between major chakras, minor chakras and specific organs to restore energy flows. A number of case histories are also included.

General Nursing certificate
Naturopathic Diploma
Bachelor of Health Science
Post Grad. Dip.Human Relations Education.

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