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Judy Jacka Natural Therapies

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Servicing area: Park Orchards, Victoria

Judy Jacka Natural Therapies
Bowen therapy is named after Tom Bowen its founder and is a unique technique that treats not only muscular-skeletal disorders but organ disturbances as well. For instance Judy often uses it for bronchitis, asthma and pelvic problems. It is an ideal approach to combine with all naturopathic medicines and with Esoteric Healing.

Judy Jacka Natural Therapies

How does Bowen Work

Like many natural therapies, Bowen therapy is related to the need to restore homeostasis or balance to the body without the use of drugs or invasive techniques. It is a most gentle skill often involving moving tissue across acupuncture points located on various tendons throughout the body. In this way nerve, blood and lymphatic drainage is stimulated and accomplished.

Who can Bowen Help

Due to its gentle nature this therapy is most suitable for young and old people and also especially for children.

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